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  1. Amritash, Glad you are having fun with yours. When are you inviting me over? Ordered mine recently and hopefully I will get it soon. Let me practice some and then we can resume the competition, not on the badminton courts but in front of the TV!!! Seng
  2. This year, I am going for Massa! He did very well as Schumi's running mate and even on a few occasions (dare I say it) drove a better race. Mclaren's realiability is still a problem and Kimi's bad luck does not seem to end! Ferrari seems to have put together the best package to date (inc making full use of both different types of Bridgestones as all must do duing the race). I expect things to change as season to progress but feel this is Massa's year.
  3. What a race. The drama and the poor choice of shots by the race director! Just showed the ferrari bias I have to say! Imagine a panning shot showing a ferrari moving away from the pack whilst 3 cars are fighting for position and we get a 5 - 10 second view of the lone red car whilst leaving the viewers wondering what is happening behind Massa car that pulled away! Anyway, good race. The final 3 races to decide the championship. Man is this season going to the wire. So... Schumi is definitely going and Kimi will be his replacement. Think that is a good choice. Kimi drove a good race today and Mclaren finally showed the car could be fast and reliable! Guess that should give Alonso hope for the next season.
  4. Saw Superman a few days ago. Think the best thing about it is its tribute to the previous superman movies where Christopher Reeve was the man of steel. The music for the opening credits was a medley from previous superman movies. Heard the director refused to start the project and would have canned it if he could not get the rights to play and modify the original score. Rightly so as the tune has been associated with superman since the 1980s. Otherwise, nothing really special. Don't get me wrong, though predictable, it is an enjoyable movie and well worth the admission fare. Just don't expect new boundaries being pushed (aka Batman Begin's)
  5. also... noticed a discussion about hot weather is in the chill out zone!
  6. isn't that very hot for aberdeen? Was there for 6 years and the highest was 18/19 degrees? 22 is a heat wave!
  7. excellent!
  8. docsanju2003, What is MDU's policy? I thought the Good Samaritian rule still apply. And thanks all for the kind words.
  9. Just wondering about what other psychiatrist feel and would do. Was going out for a few home visits and noticed ahead a slight congestion. When I reached the scene, noticed a car was on its roof. An ambulance was on the scene but the accident must be recent as police were not visible and the tailbacks were not too bad (was a major road and any accident would cause a major tailback). Part of me was tempted to stop to see if I could do anything but... could I? Been in psychiatry for the past 6+ years and besides my PRHO year, have never done anything else besides psychiatry. Yes, I attended CPR training and special interest sessions in medicine but otherwise feel I am close to useless in a RTA. In a way, guess this similar to 'Is there a doctor on the plane?' scenario. (Faced this once actually... told stewardess I am a psychiatrist but willing to help if they could not find anyone else... they did, thank goodness). Because an ambulance was already there (and paramedics know more about this part of medicine than myself) and that I know my 1st visit was important as the patient's wife was at her tether and was crying for help to CMHT (which lead to this visit), I admit I did not stop. Felt guilty all day though. Has anyone stopped for a RTA? Did you do anything you thought was useful?
  10. Hmm... must be a regional thing re: impression of how good psychiatrist dress. When I was training up in Aberdeen, the general impression was that psychiatrists were very well dressed. Could be age clouding my memory but almost all, inc SHOs were wearing suits.
  11. This website should help
  12. Oblivion is fantastic. Wish I have more hours in the day for both work and play... maybe more for play! Quite heavy on the system though... P4 3.0ghz 2GB system memory 128mb Radeon x600 and it recommends only medium quality!
  13. For number6, Thank you! Read this thread for the first time yesterday and promptly downloaded Carmen. Really took me back to my childhood. The reviews for Elder Scrolls:IV are all fantastic. Is it out yet?
  14. there were quite a few eateries near the Hammersmith Hall, so lunch away is not too bad. 1 hour is actually decent.. my friends and myself actually had time to have a cup of coffee after lunch and attempted to do a crossword before heading back to the ridiculous basic sciences paper.
  15. What a race! If every race is like today's, think I will be unavailable every race sunday from now. I thought Schumi and Alonso would collide just after the 2nd round of pit stops! And Kimi starting from the back and ending on the podium... excellent display of driving all round. Oh, and that new driver Nico... definitely one to keep an eye on for the future! Can't wait for the Malaysian GP now. The drop to V8's did not seem to affect the fun part of the race and the new qualifying rounds are fantastic. Only complaint is the first 15 mins of the final qualifying round... what is the point of making them run for some 15 mins just to burn fuel?