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  1. This is a very strange question. There are boring psychiatrists and some are not. There are boring footballers and interesting ones. There are boring politicians and interesting ones too, and the list goes on.. Could it be that you are boring???
  2. I would have gone for Council tax...
  3. Again you its a big county. Do you know where abouts?
  4. Any history questions? ICD 10 quetions? Stages of development questions? Attachment?
  5. Dont forget the beard and the bow tie. Had a shower, opened my wardrobe, looked at a few shorts but then said to myself, Noooo, so it was the usual stuff.
  6. Given the current weather, I think we should be allowed to go to work wearing shorts and T-Shirts and maybe flip flops. I can not see any problem with this or maybe a Kilt. If the NHS premises are fully air conditioned I wouldn't of thought about this. I tried to look for our Trust's dress code policy etc., but couldn't find anything so far. Or maybe a pair of decent shorts, half sleeve shirt and a tie, and a pair of classic sandals!!
  7. Well, I dislike Camping. I always think to myself (What's the point in Camping if you can afford a nice hotel) Public toilets, noisy campers sitting next to you, noisy children etc. But I must say that I do find static caravans more enjoyable, and some of them have very high standards and all up to date equipment such as flat TV, fridge, ensuit, bathroom etc. There are so many sites where you can rent a static Caravan for the weekend or a few weeks. It all depends where you want to go to.
  8. The answer to your question is. (I don't know) BUT if I went to see my GP for back pain and he/she then refers me to an orthopaedic surgeon, I will presume that I'm seeing an expert. And a comment to your last statement: In a community setting sometimes it takes more than 3,4,5 or even more visits before reaching to a conclusion about the final diagnosis. In an inpatient setting it can take weeks sometimes.
  9. Fishs is my book of choice and it is straightforward and gets to the point without going round the houses + it was more than sufficient to pass my paper exams.
  10. Do you take a pack lunch with you?? I wonder if you considered camping there? Its worth a try!
  11. Having read all these comments. I think I will risk becoming a locum doctor. Working for the NHS in a substantive post is becoming a bit boring for me. I would rather travel, stay away and earn more.
  12. You should check the website: Its www.rcpsych.ac.uk I think the options are either the UK or Hong Kong.
  13. MRI is contraindicated as it can cause damage to the MRI machine.
  14. Same here. I prepared so well apart from critical appraisal, I live in Suffolk though which is the only downside(being too far)
  15. Thanks for the very important breaking news........ My question is what difference is this going to make? in other words (so what?). If you decide to buy a house somewhere and then you discovered from a neighbour living next door that the house used to be a brothel about 100 years ago? I dont think it should prevent you buying the house.However, if the house was known to be a Brothel last year, then thats an issue. Imagine one morning opening your front door to get in your car and leave to work but you find this long queue of regular customers waiting to be satisfied (thinking that your place is still a borthel) whilst your family are still inside..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That would be a no no!