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  1. thank u very much jack may god bless you.
  2. thank you chris and angel shrink.
  3. dear friends , iam astaff grade applying for st4 ,in the eligibility criteria they are asking for aces cbd etc. are all the staff grades applying for st4 doing aces cbd etc.thank you mohan
  4. dr. phoenix , can you please tell me what can go wrong at an interview. i have very little experience of will be of help if we could learn from you.
  5. dear kreely , please help me i am not able to access this website
  6. best of luck to every one, dont lose hope . i was in your shoes last year,,when i took the exam i thought i will pass only 6 stations but managed to pass 10,so i think youll will be alright,i can only pray for you.
  7. i have 2 kids who go to private schools .most of parents who send children the school are professionals .neither me nor my friends have experienced any unreasonable demands from our children.any problems are dealt immediately by teachers esp if any child is being bullied.i feel it is a good investment.i agree with freud.
  8. spmm and cambridge courses
  9. dusty i dont agree with you ,cambridge course knew what the exam was all about
  10. i agree with fish
  11. good luck to everyone
  12. no cleo i searched royal college website couldnt find it
  13. insane i really enjoy your jokes man keep up the good work
  14. i am only trying to encourage people ,but i really don't know where you got that information NY. i dont understand what is the advantage of thinking so negatively.
  15. dear ny i think you are mistaken in tkinking that staff grades have to wait until 2011 to get st4 i know 2 staff grades in leicester who got st4 recently