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  1. Hi! I know you are reading this post! please helpme out with a few replies!! Thanks!
  2. I am considering a second edition of Psychology for Psychiatrists and would really value any feedback re what extra we may include, leave out , change.. I had thought some basic 'how to do' CBT might be useful... Please don't think this is a cunning money making ploy- so far the book has netted me £24 over 6 years!!!!!!!!! any feedback is REALLY appreciated. please either send me a message or email me at THANKS!!
  3. I am doing a presentation on psychiatry as a career for new A level students and am trying to find some good songs or clips to use. I am also looking for an mp3 of casualty or holby city.. thanks!!
  4. High on my list would be enthusiasm and motivation with an understanding of why they have chosen psychiatry and how they are suited to it. I would expect some awareness of mafor issues facing psychiatry (no details). I would be looking for good interpersonal skills and an ability to work within a team as well as in a self directed way. In summary, for a junior SHO post, one would be looking more at personal qualities ( this is purely my own theory- I have not been an interviewer yet) than detailed academic knowledge. Intellectual ability is not really in question. there are always Brownie points for those who make an effort to contact the consultants and visit teams.
  5. To be pedantic, Funky's thread says 'talking about games online..' . She did not say 'online gaming'. The game she describes is available online. Personally, I think the word games are fun.
  6. It is likely to depend on the post in question. Make sure you have visited the place and talked to relevent people. Have some idea about basic clinical problmems and some awareness of important documents such as Victoria Climbie enquiry, Every Child Matters, NSF, Meadowes Do you have some ideas about a research topic that you may want to undertake? They will want to know what you are like, can you work in teams and also independently. Be prepared for questions on strengths, weaknesses, how you handle conflict. You may be asked about confidentiality and other issues around working with families. It is worth downloading and looking at the CAPSAC document on the Royal College site Be honest, enthusiastic and above all, yourself. Good Luck!
  7. No, I'm afaid not
  8. Issey Miyake, Allure, - but actually the smell of mysore sandalwood soap is pretty good too...
  9. It really depends on the woman as different women have individual effects on perfumes. I personally love- Chanel allure, Beyond Paradise- Estee Lauder and Romance- Ralph Lauren. But I like floral , exotic perfumes. I hate vanilla/ chocolate-y perfumes. I think that perfumes are very difficult to buy for other people but I guess that Chanel no5, Joy and Beautiful are the real classics...
  10. That was a green salad not a geern one!!
  11. This one is very simple, we call it 'fiasco' in our family because it was supposed to come out as rissoles but all melted- nevertheless more delicious than it deserves to be!: take equal volumes of chopped fresh parsley, cottage cheese, cheddar cheese and bread crumbs season well with salt and lots of pepper and mix together (with an optional beaten egg). Heat a little olive oil in a frying pan and pile in the mixture. Cook on a medium heat for about 10 mins until brown and crispy underneath then put under the grill to brown the top. serve with a geern salad and spicy tomato sauce. Wonderful gourmet salad: Walnuts (ideally wet walnuts) or cob nuts- a handful 6-8 oz cubed farmhouse double gloucester or wensleydale ( it really does need to be a very good cheese) Rocket fresh beetroot good quality balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. 1) wrap whole beetroots individually in foil and roast in oven until tender 2) remove, cube and allow to cool to room temperature. 3) toast nuts in a frying pan- no oil 4) cube cheese 5) mix all ingedients and season with olive oil and balsamic. This is just wonderful and the mellow cheeses really complement the sweet ness of the beetroot and the nuts. It works as a dinner party first course and the colours are beautiful. Do make sure you serve it immediately for best effect.
  12. Just in case someone notices, I do know Costa Rica and Belize are Cetral not South America!!!!!!!!
  13. The trip I am planning at the moment involves the Oberoi wild flower hall in the Himalayas from where you can watch the sunset over the mountains and then flying down to spend 2 weeks chilling out in the Maldives. I would also love to go to Bora Bora one day which is supposed to be the archetype of the perfect tropical island. Other dream trips in clude taking a coast to coast luxury train across Canada, South America- I love the idea of Costa Rica and Belize with their Cloud Forests where you can walk amongst the tree tops, the still active Mount Arenal which gives nightly firework dispalys, tiny hummingbirds like flying jewels.. Also Chile and Antarctica apparently from the boats you acn see house sized blocks of ice sheer off and crash into the water!! There is also a fabulous (but expensive) travel company called Palanquin tours which take lecturers from the British Museum on their trips to give talks- this I would love to do...
  14. Marriage to the right person can be so wonderful. The person you marry will change the shape of the rest of your life , the life which you alone will live. Make your choice with thought and care, in this choice you must please only yourself. I did not have any pre wedding 'jitters' neither did my husband- we had chosen the right person. Now 6 years down the line, he still leaves the toilet seat up but I still love him very dearly!! We have rubbed some of the jagged edges off each other but we haven't changed each other- you need to love the person AS THEY ARE (toilet seats and all!!!!!) When I think about my husband I can't help but smile- I think that is a good litmus test. All the best
  15. Elektra, I hope you did not feel as if I was criticising the sale of books, I was merely clarifying my suggestion following Gurpal's post. The exam certainly is an expensive business and I myself certainly am not related to the Royal family!!!