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  1. It does look great in the ad - like all things Apple! But until 2015 we can console ourselves with: https://getpebble.com/
  2. Rantdoc and Katchi - could you please elaborate? I am yet to meet anyone who doesn't love working in Australia or NZ!
  3. It's called CESR now. Info on the college website.
  4. SEC = SuperEgo Cafe = this forum. We still call it SEC although it is probably RN (Revise Now) now - but SEC it will always be to us old folk who remember the days when Ros, Slarts, Chris_ and Nocty used to post!
  5. Just seen this - thanks Sags! SO looking forward to going back to Los Santos! LBP Karting is free on PSPlus and it is a sweet little racing game. Not quite F1 though Sags - but fun nonetheless! Hope they bring ModRacers to plus - seems to be the more popular of the two.
  6. I think that's hoping for too much Sagir! Used games are less of a draw for me as in a month newly launched games drop in price drastically. The only games worth buying at launch IMO are online FPS like CoD or BF - if you wait you will get pawned by people who know the maps! I heard the vita may form part of the PS4 bundle at launch but suspect this is just wishful thinking. Mind you Sony did hand out flat screens last time round.....
  7. Gamescom Sony conference 2013 gamers!! http://uk.gamespot.com/events/gamescom-2013/gamescom-2013-sony-press-conference-6413173/ (zoomed through it on ign.com - now archived). So LBP hub announced - some free-to-play version of LBP with "in-app" purchases - why??? Why buy a costume when you can make one? PS3 still getting CoD, Battlefield 4, Watchdogs and AC - and for a limited time you can buy the PS4 digital version cheap to upgrade from the PS3 version. PS3 gets GTA V and Beyond: 2 souls. MINECRAFT hits PS4!!!! (Not sure I care but it is still cool). PS4 released end November 2013 at £350. PS Plus get some indie games for free. Some free MMOs announced like "War Thunder" - looks like BF 1943 - pretty good. No mention of Destiny (the Halo clone) but Killzone 4, Infamous second son, and Titan Fall all look amazing. Some great new multiplayer tweaks. Playroom to be pre-installed. Looks "meh" - like the PS Move. All in all - not bad! F_S
  8. EBM

    A randomised double-blind RCT is level 1 evidence for treatments but RCTs can have confounders. Rare outcomes (like suicide) are best studied by retrospective case-control studies. You might get further with this if you posted an answer with a reference.
  9. Finally got some PlayStation game time - and gave Saints Row 3 a go. It's actually quite good! A massive step forward from the last one. Mini games are fun, missions are hilarious, some cinematic set pieces, and it is much more like GTA - only without the emotional pull or talk radio. The soundtrack in vehicles are decent and you have plenty of ammo. The character customisation is also a hoot. A very adult game though. Recommended if you like GTA.
  10. Saints row 3 free for PS Plus (and Battlefield 3 - which is the dullest game I'd played in a while - second only to Far Cry!). Not a fan of Saints Row but need something until GTA V...... If I ever get away from Netflix!
  11. There was never any real doubt PA - I'm a Sony fanboy! Never liked the Xbox controller - too used to the square/circle/triangle/cross! Also LBP and inFamous and Uncharted? No contest for me and now Bungie (of Halo fame) are doing Destiny exclusively for PS4. Also I never buy new MP CoD maps (having done it for MW3 and found them dull) so couldn't care less that XBone gets them a month before PS. Not sure about the Plus subscription but the games are interesting and I will go back to online gaming again - definitely with LBP carting this weekend although ModNation racers looks better.....
  12. Just joined Plus - they have Catherine(the controversial JRPG), LBP carting, XCOM and Demon Souls all for free! May even ignore my hatred of 2 D scrollers and get Sina Mora. For any PS2 fans they also have Ico and Shadow of the Collossus for free too. Looks like I'm locked into getting a PS4 now!
  13. Just checked out the Pi - thought it was for teaching kids to programme? At $25 it is certainly cheap! CoD Blops2 had a double XP weekend but after Dishonored I've got back into offline play of non-FPS. Can't wait for Second Son. Beyond got bad reviews for its controls at E3 and looks like an old game rebooted - Phantasmagoria (which my friend had at uni that was scary and also unintentionally funny!).
  14. It has something for everyone - Lost, 24, The West Wing, Arrested Development, Ugly Betty, The United States of Tara, 30 Rock - really great choices. The US selection is bigger - so just get the Hola extension for chrome/Firefox.
  15. @PA - 2 orders? Lol. Fanboy! I use my PC and an HDMI cable also to watch non-UK content on my TV - not as neat as wifi streaming but does the job. I need to find some time for CoD. We've been watching box sets on the weekends.