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  1. Hi , I am here to look for some ideas. Having done core training, MRCPsych , Section 12 and been a SAS a few years, I am now thinking of other options. I have in fact been preparing for CESR. Cut a long story short, over last two years, things at work have been worse and worse. I am not talking about workload or difficult PDs( actually I only get sense of satisfaction from my patients) , it is the working environment — lack of basic professional respect from the management, including the CDs( medical management). Your hard work is never appreciated... I increasingly feel that I am wasting my life here! I am not happy! Any idea? Please help. Thank you.
  2. If the secretary only did dictation, that would be her normal job. Unfortunately, here was not that case! She apparently read the notes and ....
  3. Heard from a friend today. One consultant asks his secretary to do tribunal report and long discharge letters. Bit shocked really. Am I out of date?
  4. Why I cannot play them on iPad or iPhone? Does anyone know? Help please! Thank you!
  5. psychmentor is far too easy-- not as helpful as spmm (sorry psychomentor!). Although it is much cheaper. spmm should be sufficent.
  6. The NW deanery are doing the national ST4 recuitment. Just visited their website and could not find the vacancies( for each deanery). I wonder whether anybody here can help me? Thanks.
  7. Could you tell us what the task was?-- only Organic mental state? Or, also take a brief history? What kind of risk factors do you mean? PMH, Fx, life style.......? Many thanks!
  8. Do you remember what the task was? Taking Hx? Thanks!
  9. Is the GP exam CSA video recorded? Also, I wonder how the college process one's appeal since there is no actual evidence of one's performance in the exam? Anybody knows?
  10. If a specialty doctor is on the 1st on call rota with other trainees (1:7), how many PAs should be added for the on call? As we know, trainees normally get 50% or 40% banding. Many thanks!
  11. CASC tests spoken English language ability rather than COMMUNICATION SKILLS. How could a few 7 or 10 min actings test out a psychiatrist's communication skills?! Of course, one could argue depending on what college mean by "communication skills". Also, what is the "standard required"? With driving test, standards are clearly specified. Another fact is that most examiners are non-locals and English is not their first language. So, do they hold the same stardard for good "spoken English language ability"/ "comminication skills"? I wonder whether anyone has got the validity and reliability of CASC? Well said If you're good enough, you will pass irrespective of background It's only natural that Uk grads tend to have better English language skills as it is their native tongue!
  12. Snows again! Thought the weather would be better after the weekend. Will it become how it was in 2010? Wonder if cancel the exam due to the weather, how much refund would get from the college?
  13. I failed this old and was marked as "significant deviation from the task". What I did: 1) explained the outcome of my assessment -- this man has no capacity mostly because he is psychotic... 2) we need to manage this under MCA...... 3) I am not sure about the urgency of this procedure... can we wait? can we reassess this patient? ... I need to discuss this with the medics... I gave different approaches depending on the urgency of the condition... I don't understand where was the "deviation from the task"? Can anybody who has passed this one help me with this? Many thanks!
  14. Hi there, Now that I have passed 15/16 stations in the CASC, I think I can leave my feedback about these stations. I was astonished that I passsed even the one with the mother of schizophrenic patient who was swearing till the end! * I failed station 7, which I guess was the one with cerebellar examination: Not sure why, but I did suspect that I might, because I did sensory testing as well and fumbled around a bit. (That was because of lack of practice of examination stations, as I pretty much practiced on my own) Having said that, I did do my best in the circumstances and should have passed. TIPS: 1) Be yourself and not someone else and definitely dont pretend to have the local accent 2) Idnetify the task and keep it in mind and scribble on note pad, but dont look at that when with patient except when you are stuck 3) Listen to patient as in real life situation and be with them 4) Ignore the examiner 5) Dont rush if running out of time as it looks very mechanical 6) If actors are being hostile they are doing it for a reason (I think I said in my post that the Judo Coach winked at me,) but persevere and dont be defensive 7) Its okay to be anxious, especially in the first station but try to relax once you are there 8) Dont over discuss things and scenarios with other candidates. (I remember someone who was appearing for the 3 rd time and kept talking about ECG changes in extensive detail, as if it was a medical exam and not a psychiatric one) 9) Believe in yourself (Just preaching now............... :lol: :lol:) 10) Dont practice with overly negative people (who keep talking of racism, bias etc). I therefore had to just practice by myself as all that sh** was discouraging me Hope that helps..................and finally these are my views Hi Khushi, Firstly congrats! And thanks for the tips, which are very helpful. I noticed that you practiced by yourself. Can you tell me what materials you used? I have to practice by myself for the coming CASC in Jan as have got a little one at home and doing a bit isolated job. Many thanks.
  15. Hi, I did once pull out of exam once due to personal and medical reason and received a refund of 50% of the application fee. I provided a supporting letter from my college tutor. Hope things work out for you.