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  1. I got a case of temporal lobe epilepsy there Elvis
  2. That question implies that, more often than not, 14 year olds caught shoplifting will have a diagnosis of depression. Answer - False Elvis
  3. Trouble is, I've always thought that everyone has audits. I don't think audit doesn't separate you from the crowd. If isn't the opportunity to hobnob with the research big-wigs, it is worth doing independent research or writing some letters and short articles off your own bat. Just separates you from the other candidates. Psychiatric Bulletin is especially open to new ideas. I wrote one at Xmas and it dominated almost all of my SpR interview. Just a thought. Elvis
  4. Try amazon used books!
  5. I would forget Sims, myself. I really found it a dirge. Fish was much clearer (though i had to search it out on Amazon). I like Malim & Birch for Psychology - nice summaries & good pictures. Elvis
  6. I wouldnt' buy 2nd hand books be email personally. It's not secure enough for me. I got some real bargains with exam-related books from Amazon used books. Dirt cheap! Elvis
  7. Quite agree. Getting a clear system of structure is important - e.g. having a template for service provision essay etc. By the time you get to the exam you will be able to write essays on ANYTHING by sticking to a format and common sense. The week before mine, I remember us coming up with really obscure titles and being able to have a stab. I agree with the young lady above -essay spotting is much over-rated. Best of british Elvis
  8. The old ones are the best Elvis
  9. One I found useful for the clinical &quot:lol:ifficult Clinical problems in Psychiatry' Ed Malcolm Lader & Dieter Naber Martin Dunitz Ltd, London. 2001 ISBN 1-85317-550-1 Topics include 1. Refractory SCZ 2. Treatment of tardive dyskinesia 3. Unstable bipolar 4. Treatment resistant depression 5. Treatment of the difficult OCD patient 6. Treatment of the difficult panic patient 7. Anorexia nervosa 8. Treatment of CFS 9. Psychopharmacological treatment of addictions 10.Behavioural disturbance in old age 11.The violent patient in the community 12.The hyperactive child 13.Ways of improving compliance. I got this off amazon and i remember it was about £45. Elvis
  10. My walking stick for HOW MUCH?! I put my Y fronts on there this week and am asking for a reserve price of £20. Elvis
  11. I would add in having respect for your patients - all of them - and try always to engage them in the management plan including encouraging advance statements and joint decision making. Maximise your communication skills too. The worst psychs I have worked for have had little interest in the patients' wishes and have been appalling communicators. People with mental illlness have enough crap to deal with considering the huge stigma still around - our responsibility is to care in a non-patronising way and not forget to always try to foster positive life changes (don't forget, as so many do, that some with SMI could get very successful jobs with the right support). Most of all enjoy. Elvis 8)
  12. is the change over really october? some of the closing dates were October 5th! Who makes these rules.... Elvis :-/
  13. Have passed at last. Without doing a gwynneth, thanks to everyone I have met on this site for advice and good chats. Good luck for the future. Elvis 8) Elvis has now left the building
  14. Thanks for that! I am off tomorrow. Even if I don't get a good result at least I will have a good time. Assuming Air Cubana has improved their safety record... Thanks again. Elvis
  15. Anyone been to Cuba? I am off on Friday and have only a little idea what to expect.... Elvis ???