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  1. While since I'v e been on. Hope everyone's training. Doing the 5x5 workout for bench, incline, lat raise, bent row, cable cross over and upright row. Also flys. Shoulder and arms 5 x 8 for most exercises, but 5x5 for dumbell shoulder press Seeing results in strength, but need to bulk up. Have changed USN shake to all in one with carbs. Currently 85 kg, want to get to 100 kg odd, then shred. Bit of CV work, but not much Good luck!
  2. One of my heroes is Franco Columbou - Arnie's training partner. He could deadlift 330 kg. Never deadlifted in my life. Thought I'd give it a go. Tried the Olympic bar - no weights. - just 20 kg. Pulled my Hamstrings, Quads and groin. Brill!!! Keep training
  3. Sorry not been on for a bit. Looked at the Arnie book and decided I was an ectomorph - with some fat storage around my gut! Changed my routine and doing heavy-ish weighta low rep, so 4 x 6, plus warm up for each body part. Should put on some muscle with that. Using a smith machine for benching, cos don't trust myself with heavier weights, plus am getting better range of motion. Might dare to do some dead lifts even!!! Still using USN. Keep up good work.
  4. Sorry not been on - seriously strained my back and flanks - thought my kidneys were packing in - intercostal involvement - couldn't sleep at night!!! 4 weeks on - slowly getting back into it. Knocking off 10 kg chest exercises and concentrating on technique. Noticed my chest wasn't developing whereas my shoulders were!!! All in the technique! Was in Ireland the other day and met up with an ex-international rugby player - now there's training!!! Keep it up everyone - but don't forget the crdiovascular stuff.
  5. Not been on the site for a while. Couldn't log in!! Not using PHD supplements. Started USN. Has more protein, but it's a larger serving and quite sickly!! Am doing well, but strained lats, so am off for a bit!!! Keep up the good work. Shop I go to don't rate Maximuscle. Most swear by USN, PHD or Met Rx
  6. Something I'd really advise against, particularly for health reasons and pride. Moreover your standings in your private life are just as scrutinised as your professional career. Probity according to the GMC includes all conduct. This is also not a private forum. Employers do look at facebook pages too!
  7. This year there were 3 in the North West, 3 in the North East, few in London, a couple at Broadmoor. Don't forget the private sector!!! :evil:
  8. Lots of jobs seem to cropping up. Could be cos the old style SpR training is just about to finish. Thought I'd share some questions from my successful interview yesterday. From what I remember...bit of a blur! 1. Why this trust and how are you suited to the post. 2. How do you avoid a trust within a trust (referring to poor relations with general adult psychiatrists). 3. How would you approach the management of Swine flu if you were advising the government. 4. Why should forensic psychiatrists teach medical students. 5. How has your training contributed to the job. 6. How do you measure outcomes in Section 17 leave and balance that with risk assessment. 7. A P.D. service is being developed (current within the trust). How do you put it forward to the trust as a business plan. 8. How do you keep the commissioners happy. 9. Teaching experience. 10. Qualities of a Consultant. 11. Building relationships between doctors and managers. 12. How do you improve carers/families experiences of services. 13. How do you evaluate quality/outcomes for patient care. Within that, there is a lot to talk about. However very easy to stray off the point and avoid the question. Hope this helps...........
  9. Back from Consultant interview and holiday abroad- now back to the gym. Am doing the following program. Go twice a week, 2 workouts, so repeated weekly. Session 1. Each exercise 4 x 8. Am trying to adapt bench to power exercises, so 1 x 15 warm up, then 4 x 6 heavy sets. Chest: Bench, incline bench, decline bench, flys, pull over, cable cross. Back: Chin ups (sort of), Upright dumbell row, Lat pull down Traps: Shrugs, close grip barbell raise 10 min jog - ususally can't be arsed, but after all that Italian food, is a priority. Session 2: 4 x 8, except Arnold press2 x 8 Shoulders: Dumbell Press, Machine press, Arnold Press, Anterior raise, lateral raise. Biceps: Seated curl, z bar curl. Optional barbell curl. Triceps: Pull down machine, dumbell extensions Optional run 1 min gap between sets, except bench. Feel that my back and shoulders are developing. Chest less so, but that's probably down to bad technique, but will progress hopefully!
  10. I thought decline was for lower bits - it's just an unnatural movement!! Am still sticking to the 1 min gap between sets for better bulk/strength/performance. Am tempted to do leave 3 mins between sets to lift mega weights, like some do, but instead of a 90 min workout, i'd be there all day....and I do work!
  11. Had a break for two weeks cos managed to crick my neck - think it was doing shrugs - painful. Still hurts, but done 2 sessions since. Doing 2 sessions per week, one for chest, back and traps and other one for arms and shoulders. Trying to add in CV, cos been overdosing on Risotto, Chocolate Fondue and red wine - it's the weather. Starting doing shoulder machine presses - they're hard work!! Taking it easy with benching and concentrating on technique as opposed to weight added. Decline bench makes me dizzy! Should do milkshake twice a day, but only managing a few a week! Oh well. Holiday, Consultant interview...might take some golf lessons. With all this training...should be able to hit the ball far!!
  12. Looking at changing workout. Still twice a week, but instead of doing same workout twice a week, will do chest, back, traps one day and shoulder, biceps, triceps, wrists the other day, so same workout will be repeated once a week. Still doing 4x 8 with 1 minute gap. Chest Back Traps Flat Bench &nbsp:lol:umbell row Shrugs Incline bench Chin ups Barbell Row Decline bench Lat Pull Dumbell press Dumbell fly Pull over Cable cross Shoulder Biceps Triceps Wrist Arnold Press Seated Curl Extension Curl Shoulder Press Z bar Pull down Anterior raise Preacher curl Lateral raise Machine Press See how it goes!!!
  13. I can't stand it....meaningless, talentless shite. When I watch TV I want to be informed and entertained....Sopranos comes to mind. If I want to watch people locked up...exisitng, I'll go to work!
  14. It's basically a lever type object with handles and racks that you can add weights too - serious weights too!
  15. been doing traps for week now on the machine. Did do trap ring bar, but couldn't balance it. Got 70 kg on machine, which I think has a starting point of 20 kg. Could do deadlifts, but no way risking my back. have seen people on that same apparatus doing traps, but they're lifting with arms instead of shrugging traps. It's a good way of visibly bulking out as it raises the frame.