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  1. Returned to the website after some time, to learn of this shocking news. Not many people can be credited with shaping the careers of as many contemporary psychiatrists as Dr Gosall.
  2. It did keep us coming back to this forum for ages
  3. Finishing a casc in less than ten minutes on it's own does not mean that you have missed something. It is possible to finish casc stations in less than the allocated time. This will depend on a number of factors including how effective your questions were, your rapport and how cooperative your actor might be. Trainees will often spend time asking family history, or taking about irrelevant services etc. even though the score sheet does not contain tick boxes for the same. This helps the candidate manage their anxieties, but probably doesn't achieve much more. Having to sit in silence for a minute or two can of course be intimidating, and in some cases it might even throw you off from your next performance. The alternative, i.e. talking for the sake of talking can also be damaging, especially if you open your mouth and say something damaging, or in case you make the examiner feel that you are losing structure and focus. A methodical, organised doctor missing a few things might appear more competent than a clueless doctor missing the same. Here are some suggestions - 1. During your practice, once you feel you know a station well enough, see how long it takes you to a. naturally complete the station from start to finish, b. complete various 'modules' in that scenario - ie time taken to do a MSA, to ask re suicidality, or time taken to express empathy. At the actual station, if you feel you have taken a similar amount of time per 'module', then you are probably doing well. 2. Check if you missed any 'module' - consider how you would do this? for example - you could summarise what you found out as part of your conversation with the actor and check if they agree with your understanding. Or you could ask if there was anything they wished to discuss that you hadn't already asked about. Even if you missed out relevant stuff, your confidence and how you approach this potential shortfall may make a positive impression on the examiner/actor. Hope this helps PA
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  4. There is a huge push to get people on SCP. Number of assessors etc are going up. I think your employers will know that they have to wait. Good luck!
  5. My PSU conked before I could upgrade
  6. Hello Sam Congrats on securing the job. It is probably safe to say that even the colleges will not be able to give you a definite answer for your questions. In some states, this time last year, SCP was not been offered to candidates simply because the college did not have enough approved assessors who could determine an applicant's suitability for the pathway. If you have applied for partial you should get it. If you applied for SCP, then even if they can't fit you in the SCP, they are likely to offer partial comparability. Bear in mind Partial comparability pathway is a bit unclear at present. The system is changing in 2016, and you are unlikely to meet all the current requirements needed in order for you to take your MOCI exams in 2015. I am also not aware of the average time taken for all these approvals to come through. This too can vary from state to state. IF you recently applied to AMC and AHPRA, completing all the formalities by November is probably a v good outcome.
  7. No worries!
  8. Do we have tapatalk support?
  9. It's a fairly easy target to achieve. Keep up the good work WM
  10. That's a decent name, although the use of the term 'forum' limits it's use. You might have more luck pitching it to some lifestyle guru though. Alternatively set up a rss feed / site aggregator and get it to collect links from related websites, and earrn revenue via guest blog entries and ads?
  11. Welcome to the world of organised, streamlined and 'shortened' training. Do you also feel overwhelemed by the number of emails that seem to be landing on your inbox? I used to dread opening my mail box. Sadly, most of us would have to look at time management, organisation and prioritisation skills. Brevity when it comes to typing notes and knowing when to use scanners will also help. Don't stress about ARCP [yet]. In a few months you should be able to find your pace. All I can say is that the bureaucratic processes won't get easier when you become a consultant, so accept it and take it easy. We make lots of jokes about consultants delegating stuff. Delegation is not an easy art to master, but if you are to acheive any success at it, start by learning how not to micro manage. Many of the things you are being asked to do can take care of itself with minimal involvement on your part.
  12. Which team @ sunshine coast Vinod?
  13. Dragging up an old thread here. Just wanted to point out that many doctors are leaving uk - not just to return to their native countries but also to work in other countries. It's not just about the money.,d.dGc,d.dGc,d.dGc