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  1. Hope here. It has been very busy work wise since august. And I am sure Sagir will be able to second me as to how busy the oncalls are . The other reason is that I was so well tuned to the old superego forum that I find the new forum like dealing with foster parents despite all the fantastic stuff there is something missing. Just my thoughts.
  2. oh did i forget to mention some of the blunders which the great indian prime minister made at the NAM summit? sm krishna the foreign minister with his fancy wig thinks international diplomacy is another version of gowda/lingayat politics! where is the country headed?
  3. Agree with sepoltura. India will continue to be attacked, attacked ............ If you believe this report We will be debating an Indo-china war in 2012. which in all probability end up in india giving away parts of north east to the chinese. Will India ever learn from its mistake? It has never learnt from history and will never. Will kasab be punished? no i think he will probably be supported by the 'secular forces', indian media, pc brigade etc who will get the death sentence converted to a life sentence. why is afzal guru the chap who attacked indian parliament still not hanged despite the supreme court sentencing him to be hanged? Sad to see a country being destroyed by some morons.
  4. Those days are gone my friend. One of my friends has started work for 100k and he does twice the amount of work put in by a consultant here.
  5. So what if they loose???
  6. Most of these chaps are living and working in Britain by accident I guess . So all those who support Federer should live and work in Switzerland? That would probably mean a lot of Brits emigrating there. :lol: I think that you'd have to go a long way to find many Brits that would support Federer over Murray. I've noticed a real sense of glee on these boards whenever a Brit or a British team loses. I find this rather disconcerting. One should bear in mind that occasionally British people do use this forum. I second you on this. Some of my mates from the subcontinent talk about how great it is to live there but wouldn't dare spend a minute away from britain . Isn't that amazing people talk about the s*** the british economy is but stilll choose to stay here :). Typical sub-continental hypocrisy I guess. COI: Indian national living in britain
  7. Been with BMA for 3 years and they are crap. So did a bit of research and came across an alternative to BMA. What do people on superego think of this alternative to bma?
  8. Cricket is very important indeed :-/ shame on you pawar [smiley=thumbdown.gif]
  9. Poor girl has become a martyr .
  10. The rupee is suffering a free fall mainly because of investors pulling out of the Indian market. This will have huge implications for the indian economy and the first sector which is going to go bust is the aviation sector. This is what happens when the govt gets involved in running planes,buses,autorikshaws etc. With a poor monsoon so far the Indian economy is heading towards a free fall.
  11. :lol: credit card companies will run in loss if they have customers like you. On a serious note you are right as long as you service your current credit lines without any hiccups you will have a good credit score.
  12. There is no harm in getting quotes for the mortgage. Try money and no harm in speaking to an independent mortgage advisor my advice to you will be to do both. credit score never looked into mine , i have been told that as long as you pay your bills you should be fine. Try and get an offset mortgage. First direct has a good deal now.
  13. Good suggestion Gupta.
  14. go sleep man.
  15. He was very concerned about the plight of sikhs in a neighboring country btw hindus were butchered left,right and centre in the same country, nobody seemed to be bothered. Then it was another country's internal affair and its against the secular ethos of the 'great' country which doesn't seem to have any control on what is going on its immediate neighborhood. We are being slowly eaten by the dragon and the great indian esatblishment seem to be oblivious to what is going on. Now the southern coast of India has become very vulnerable to external forces. Places like north kerala are waiting to explode with a bit of help from our friendly neighbors who will now have easy access to lanka. >