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  1. Dear I passed my exam last year after two previous failiure mainly on the essay.My preperation was mainly essay focused and I believe my plans worked for me,What I have done I haven't prepared an essay on a specific topic what I did I have written a skelton for each major topic in psychiatry(about 20) For each I have written 1-History 2-Two to three golden refrences 3-known debate about the subjecy 4- corrent advances whateve r the essay you get you can use your frame work to build a good essay with some adjusment and manipulation and putting a good snsible argument. I used this technque with one of our consultant who is used to mark the essay paper and he was impressed on how I managed to improve my essay skills and before the exam assured me that my standard is definitly is between good and very good. I hope you will find this useful as it helped me to pass regards
  2. just one choice is CUBA varadero
  3. Dear I have passed my membership this time Ihave 4 years experince as staff grade is there any way in which part of this can be considered for my specialist training your advic please
  4. I do understand You need to have a general knowledge about each topic but you need to know more about some topics so predictions dosen't mean focusing on some topic and leaving the rest. Dear Childpsych Thanks for your advice this what I was looking for
  5. Dear I am struggling to start my preperation is there any advice how can I approach the essay paper is there any predictions or is too early for that?
  6. did anybody attempted the risk assessement.Any litriture.
  7. dear can you all start writing the basic mcq before you forget
  8. Iam expecting an essay about the mental health Act,but Ican't think of how to ask a question considering there are candidate from Ireland and Scotland
  9. I think 18 is false as not opening the arm is not definit indication of lack of interaction ???