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  1. i love radio 3 .. 'smooth music for rough days' - works for me!!
  2. very reflective post and thanks for sharing your experiences, slarti. i can only hope that future is kind on all of us - poor psychiatrists..
  3. I heard that an e-cigarette exploded on a woman's face recently.. check this out in yahoo news
  4. Congratulations to him.. I have read his book on chronic fatigue and its symptoms - quite a good read indeed.
  5. Thanks very much for the info, Siva. 3 months is too long i guess
  6. yes, he is a very happy man indeed! i am planning to make a move as well but the whole process appears quite daunting given the length of time the lack of clarity.. things are as clear as mud really if Oz doesnt work out then I will be inclined to try NZ as a second option and at least i would have a better quality of life. Hope your switch goes well, Sagir.
  7. thanks for the info katchi NZ being an island in the middle of no where i can understand the cost of living, expenses etc but still i think the pay is a bit better than UK Yes, Sagir.. payscale in OZ is the best! One of my friends is drawing quarter mill per annum now and of course he was wise enough to board the ship on time.. lolz
  8. hi india_uk i hope you have got the visa for your son. on an average, i heard that it could take up to 2 months for processing. please get back if this is not the case as i am going to apply in the near future. thanks
  9. hi guys, i thought the salary in NZ for a consultant is better than in the UK. am i wrong or just being naive?! please get back if someone has the info. thx
  10. I liked the humour page in psychiatree.. Hope the new site gets as popular as superegocafe..
  11. Many thanks for the wishes, mtas baby. I can only hope that the waiting time isnt too long and the screening process doesnt involve something ridiculous like a chest x-ray!!
  12. Thanks very much for your reply, mtas baby. I thought nobody had the info, so didnt check the site for a while! It certainly looks cumbersome than what i thought it would originally be Are you sure about the waiting period? It seems really lengthy and unacceptable and I also wonder what test they could do to rule out TB in a baby?! Just checking for the bcg scar seems sensible and anything more than that is ridiculous :( Thanks again for your post and if I gather more info I will share in this thread for sure..
  13. As long as one has one WPBA (any of the above) per month along with the other mandatory ones, the ARCP process shouldnt be a problem.
  14. Hi Guys.. I would appreciate some help with the following query, please. We had our baby earlier this month in India and the plan is to bring our infant to the UK in the summer. Myself and the wife both have ILR (granted in January 2011). I was going through the SET F form in the border agency website and it says nothing about maintenance funds. Is it mandatory to maintain funds in the bank account prior to submitting the application for my child? I am aware of the other original documents that I need to furnish and the fee. Has anyone been through this recently and if yes, could you also advice on the timescale in India to get the visa back? Many thanks
  15. hey, you could have put all this in a single post though..