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  1. Hey people Any views on what the visa process is for cuba for indian nationals on ILR? can't wait to get my british passport next year. Do I get one on arrival? Also, if anyone's already been...I'd appreciate your views on what to see and do. Thanks
  2. I'm not paying anymore money for yet another registration fee. The only thing good about being a staff grade is, college membership is not mandatory!
  3. I got mine a few days shy of 6 months last week. I ignored HR's queries until they effectively pulled me up about it and at that point, all I did was give them a copy of the HO letter which said that they were still processing it. This will keep them off your back. If you haven't heard anything from HO, it is normally a sign that there are no problems with your application but they would still take nearly 6 months. My theory is that they expect us do some of their marketing for free by telling colleagues and friends to go for the more expensive but extremely quick option of getting the ILR same day. I think it's an extremely clever ploy to get the HO more money!
  4. My research suggests that there are only 3 defence unions for doctors. There are several insurance brokers who offer indemnity [although the nhs offers crown indemnity which does not cover all potential problems] but not all provide legal cover and advice. See these links below......... [Also MDDUS is not restricted to just doctors in Scotland]
  5. Medical and Dental Defence Union of Scotland Mackintosh House 120 Blythswood Street Glasgow G2 4EA Tel: 0845 270 2034 Web: £335 / year Medical Defence Union Limited 230 Blackfriars Road London SE1 8PJ Tel: 0800 716 376 Web: £511 / year Medical Protection Society 33 Cavendish Square London W1G 0PS Tel: 0845 605 4000 Web: £540 / year Premium Medical Protection 25 Watling Street London EC4M 9BR Tel: 0845 308 2350 Web: ONLY FOR CONSULTANTS Towergate MIA Kings Court London Road Stevenage Hertfordshire SG1 2GA Tel: 01438 739 839 Web: These guys are brokers
  6. I'm really glad I started this thread. It is reassuring to get some empathy for the way I feel. The passport to me means visa free travel. I agree that we are all citizens of the world and if it wasn't for politics and war, there will have been uniformity everywhere. But the reality is that I am definitely better off here. It has nothing to do with not being an Indian. I really don't care what nationality I get to be honest, it's about which one is most comforting. And I can only compare Indian and British. It's not rocket science to guess which one is better. What do I lose? My ability to vote! Do I really want to vote? Ever? No!!! Peechoo, your example is the best one man. Flakjak, whats all the negativity about dude? :-)
  7. Thanks Kreely! Can't belive I was the one who started that thread. Anyway, does anybody know if one union is cheaper than the other?
  8. I am paying back just under £5000 over 3 years without interest. It was to do with my trust getting my tax codes wrong for 2007 - 2008 I am not at all happy about it but there is no way out! An accountant will charge you a few hundred pounds and tell you the same.
  9. My union has been on the phone to me a few times in the last couple of weeks. Apparently, my membership is needing to be renewed for 2 months now and I have been burying my head in the sand. Is there a way of comparing the prices of defence unions as a staff grade doctor? The prices they quote are just phenomenal. Are there people, who are staff grade doctors and aren't part of a defence union? I feel it's a tremendous waste of money but I am probably being naive. Is it imperative that everyone had one?
  10. Having finally received my passport back last week with indefinite leave to remain, I have been thinking about what this means. 1. I feel free now, knowing that I don't have to earn a certain amount to fulfill criteria for remaining in the country. 2. I am no longer restricted to working as a highly skilled migrant [doctor] and am entilted to explore other avenues, with the knowledge that I can't be booted out. 3. Being a permanent resident of the UK ticks certain boxes that are personal to me and makes me feel relieved that I am finally free from feeling restricted to being an Indian. I have nothing against being an Indian but I feel I am somehow better off. Please don't judge me. 4. Apparently, I am also entitled to seeking benefits. This step to me signals the ultimate loss of self respect. I will feel truly broken as a human being if this were to happen. 5. It doesn't offer me visa free travel to Europe yet, but I am only a step away from that. Does anybody else feel the way I do or differently?
  11. Update to my application! After 5 months and nearly 4 weeks, I finally received my passport back with my ILR. The stamp was made about 4 weeks before the date I received it. So a postal application takes about 6 months in total. This means that I have to wait a further year to be eligible for my citizenship [6 months longer than anyone applying in person]. Apparently, I am also entitled to claim benefits now. What do you know?!
  12. Quick update I got a response from ukba after bombarding their fax number with about a letter a day for 5 continuous days. I started faxing because 3 of my registered letters failed to get a response. My fax to them basically asked for evidence that they had all my documents and were processing my application [The reason for that was because I no longer had the acknowledgement letter they originally sent out to me and HR wanted proof that I had submitted my documents and that i wasn't an illegal alien. Judge me if you like but I am an example of a disorganised bachelor staff grade who doesn't give a f*** about needing to do everything in time and constantly push boundaries. (But am good at my job and my colleagues and my patients like me!) ] Dear Sir Thank you for your fax dated 16.12.11. In response to your request, I can confirm that we have received your application dated 13.10.11, which is currently in a queue waiting to be caseworked. I received this letter a month after the original fax was sent. Moral of my story = Do not post application, just pay the bloody money for same day processing! I am desperate to go home or on holiday but am unable to because my passport is in the twilight zone!!
  13. I spoke to my line manager openly about unpaid leave recently. I even said that I wanted to do some locum work for additonal money. He didn't say yes or no i.e. it was upto me [provided I could get my team to be ok with it] My supervisor however, felt that the team couldn't allow that and that there was a need to have me there all the time except for annual leave days. My initial thought was, I don't give a F*** and will do as I please. If they did let me go, I would perceive it as a blessing to become a ltd company. But here is where I am, exactly where I started.I am undecided and am maintaining status quo!
  14. All of the above is sound advice but here is the best one of them all............... DO NOT POST IT OUT!! PAY THE EXTRA 400 odd pounds [its funny how the ukba is using me to do some free moneymaking suggestions for them using delaying tactics] for same day visa!!!!!!!!!!! I posted mine out 3 months and 6 days ago [97 days ago] and haven't had anything back yet!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Try the following sites Once you'ce compared all three above, try aviva and directline. The last 2 are not part of any price comparison websites, so have to be done separately. It's time consuming but you save upto a 100£ if you compare. make sure your details are accurate and remember to make any driving related points accrued, evident in the application.