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  1. Hi all, Does the new contract offer pay protection for someone like me who is planning for ST4 after long haul of Speciality Dr? to know/TCS 2016_June 2016.pdf From the above link, it appears that pay protection is applicable but when checked with HR, I was told ST 4 pay stays at £45,750 with On call banding & some extra stuff . and reward/Pay and Conditions Circular MD 22016 updated 121216.pdf Kindly let me your views. BW Jags
  2. By the Grace of The Lord, I finally passed - 'NINTH' attempt. This was the time when I felt that I would have miserably failed but God had different plans for me. At the EPSE station, I pressed on to examine the female patient till the Examiner intervened & said " May be you should read your Instructions again", I was gutted & shaken at that time & totally lost the plot... So guys who have failed please do not lose hope.
  3. PAIRED STATIONS 8/9/16 OD-Teacher: Talk to friend Footballer - psychotic- racial comments on the pitch & devil : Talk to dad about diagnosis of Schizophrenia, dad not happy that son has slipped in between Primary & Secondary services Collateral history from carer re AD recent change in presentation: Talk to upset son- why Olanzapine has been used Pregnancy & Substance misuse : Talk to worried partner - harm to unborn child.
  4. 1.ECG- Pt on Quetiapine 700mg X4 years, on Gliclazide, Furosemide & Loratidine. No shortness of breath, no chest pain / Family h/o her problems. V cooperative patient. ECG- Ventricular rate -33, QT-465,QTC-665. Lots of T waves. Pt as usual wants to know what are "these squigly lines". Why is the ECG not right? What are going to do now? Ans - Due to low HR & poor transmission of electrical impulses, I will stop Q & send u to A&E for Cardiolgist opinion / treatment. Will start u on different AP like Aripiprazole. 2.TRD with mood congruent AH. Pt has been on Fluoxetine in the past. Not helped. Currently on Venlafaxine 150. Talk to him re further Invtns & treatment. Bit irritable pt. "You tell me" to the initial open qns. Confirm any stress, any physical problems -reported that recently GP has confirmed 'Impairment of glucose'. Not on any meds. No other blood tests done eg- TFT. Treatment - Increase Venlafaxine , add AP / Lithium / Mirtazapine ( be mindful of DM) / CBT / ECT as last resort. 3. Fred O connor had been to his GP. During blood test, Fred made comments on the 'bar codes' & was talking about world wide conspiracies . Task - GP wants to know if he is suffering from psychosis. Fred wouldnt stop talking. Spoke about few persons controlling the governments of countries who in turn control people. Bar codes- he saw 666 on the vial & went off talking about 'the beast' as per Bible. Has made little impact on his life / on his mood. Appeared to be just over religious rather than Psychotic. Thats my conclusion at the end of 7 mins. I may be totally wrong.......
  5. Hi

    If you prepare for coming casc and wlling to practice on skype

    I 'm ready for that


  6. Hi For Paper 1, SPMM is sufficient with its Mock exams. B
  7. SPMM , Mock exams & Pass Appraisal course - with luck on our side.
  8. Hadrian, this is good news !! May be now is the time we should unite & act. Question is, who can bell the cat?
  9. Is Wendy not aware of the feedback letters? Do you not think that the college is aware of how other colleges conduct exams? I may sound negative but nothing is going to change by complaining to anyone or to any organisation. I dont think that anything has happened since BAPIO has taken up exam issues of the GPs. Patient groups criticised GP candidates for struggling to pass CSA within the stipulated time. Our college thinks that it is up to the individual if he has to pursue exams or not.If there is a short of SPRs / Consultants then AUTOMATICALLY CASC will become relatively east exam. Nothing is fair.
  10. That was useful. Thanks a lot. Babu
  11. Thanks Afterlife you are very helpful ... as usual. Is it alright for you to give details about yesterday's stations, particularly Paraphrenia (about consent & other issues); LD explanation & about any twists in the alcohol Cognitive examination. Thanks again !!! Babu
  12. 1. It is about detailed history taking about her mother who is having Dementia. Mom has h/o Dementia & currently the sx have worsened with increase in the risks. Now the husband is in hospital & the daughter lives away. 2. Talk about HOPI & management . Management includes admission to the hospital & use of MHA.
  13. Thanks a LOT, Umesh. I am sure everybody appreciate your time & hardwork. Please keep going as you know this is the time we will all be looking fro help & hope. To answer to DrKoukou- the 2 stations are different in terms of different Delusions ie Delusion of Poverty & Nihilistic Deluisions (SPMM).
  14. Thanks a lot Mohammad. It was quite encouraging. I have failed in the last 5 attempts. Very disappointed with myself ( I cant blame anyone else). It seems there is a large void & nothing is going right. This exam has taken its toil since few years. Forget the time & money spent on this simple & yet so complicated exam.Cant remember the number of sleepless nights & cannot forgive myself for the distress caused to my family. It appears that there is no point going back to India without a degree as I will be back to square one. Dont know what to do after Jan (last chance), whether to continue in Staff grade job / go back for good. Sorry I am just ventilating my frustration
  15. Second day - heard from a friend 1. Assess a man who has assaulted someone. Do take history, MSE & RA Discuss with student nurse - management (New station, patient psychotic) 2.Take history from AOT nurse (repeat from yesterday) 3. Heroin & pregnancy 4.Dementia - History taking from carer (BPSD- wife stopped visiting, not invloved in gardening) Speak to the angry son- Olanzapine ALL THE BEST !!!!