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  1. The online aspect is a new development, however I must say I've been very impressed with all the Birmingham courses I've been to, so I'd recommend going.
  2. Thank you so much Sands (especially since I passed!
  3. I presume wetrain is actually in London looking at the pass list at the Royal College's HQ.
  4. if anyone would be interested in a locum sho job in dublin from the end of march til the end of june, post/pm me.
  5. woo hoo! i got it - after a sleepless 'I-can't-imagine-doing-all-that-again' night! thanks to all of you! S
  6. Good luck to all in the next half hour or so!
  7. make sure you have the latest version of adobe acrobat installed. often if you have an older one the computer will just freeze up, eventually you discover that behind all your web browser windows you are being asked if you want to update acrobat.
  8. Made it ma! Top of the world! (well, not really, since I just realised this means ANOTHER exam in a month!) thanks to all of you here.... to those who didn't make it, believe me i know - there's a fine line, but keep trying and you'll be on the other side of it....
  9. In a week the Part I candidates will be thinking of getting a good night's sleep, then thinking 'Just a little bit more cramming', and then 12 hours or so later....... Seems like a good time to wish good luck to everyone here in the next week (and weeks), and thanks to Dr Superego and all who brought us the site ... and remember, it's only an exam. There's a lot of more important things if it doesn't go the way we'd all like it to.
  10. Why are there so few EMIs on this forum? Following a suggestion I've heard a few times, I'm gonna try and make up my own. It may not at all reflect the college standard, and may only serve to eat up some of my dwindling spare time, but given their importance in the exam anything's worth a go. OK PERCEPTUAL ABNORMALITIES A Wahnstimmung B Synaethesia C Reflex Hallucination D Extracampine hall. E Elementary Hallucinations F Hypnagogic Hallucination G Affect illusion H Pareidolia In the following cases, link the vignette with the most appropriate term above 1) An 18 year old woman wakes suddenly from sleep, feels frightened, and thinks she sees an intruder in the curtains. Looking at the curtains she continues to see the shape of an intruder there. 2) A 43 year old composer tells you he can taste and smell certain timbres and tones in music 3) A 19 year old man with a criminal history tells you he can constantly sense a demon directly behind him. Personal Development A d-needs trust vs mistrust C) integrity vs. despair D) oral stage E) phallic stage F) seondary drives G) schizophrenogenic mother H) double bind 1) Associated with Maslow, these can only be fulfilled once basic needs are met. 2) The first stage of Erikson's theory 3) Association with Erich Fromm; lacking in an evidence base This is hard. Will try and post more and better ones later!
  11. These are some ISQs given to us by a lecturer ... how much they reflect College thinking is a moot point, but they are pretty good for practice, and have some 'always read the question' type lessons for us all. Will drip feed them in spurts.... The token economy is a therapeutic tool based on the principle of classical conditioning. In humans, learning probably occurs more rapidly if the learner is aware of the connection between his behaviour and its consequences Both negative reinforcement and punishment aim to suppress an item of behaviour. Semantic memory refers to the record of personal experiences in the long term memory store. Retroactive inhibition is the process whereby previously learned material can interfere with the recall of recently acquired information. Anxiety, encouragement and an ability for eidetic imagery all enhance successful retrieval from memory stores. The Cannon-Bard theory of emotion proposes that the thalamus activates the cerebral cortex and viscera simultaneously. Cognitive appraisal refers to the individual's judgement of the demands of a situation rather than of the resources available to meet them. Cognitive dissonance may be reduced by adding new cognitions that are consonant with the existing cognitions. Violence on TV may reduce restraints on aggressive behaviour. On the WAIS a difference between the performance and verbal scores of more than 20 percent suggests organic impairment. Thurstone's primary abilities include perceptual speed and reasoning. Winnicot is association with transactional analysis. Like Freud's stages, Erikson saw development in stages which cease with genital sexuality. Piaget's theory stresses maturational, social and psychological factors.
  12. 11- people are generaly consistant in there behavioure in diffirent situations Is it not false, as that is the defintion of a primary attribution error? - ie attributing behaviour to dispositional rather than situational causes every time?
  13. I'm sure the day after the exam we'll all sit back and think 'ICD 10 differentiates the severity of mental retardation categorically' and suddenly realise just what a huge difference it makes to our practice....
  14. This is fascinating, really explodes the myth of the &quot:lol:ark Ages' as an utter black hole of human innovation and existence: If you can get hold of them, William Gerhardie's books are amazing. He was the bright star of the Waugh/Greene/Anthony Powell generation, only to die in obscurity in the 1970s. His books are similar to Waugh in some ways, but more dream like, with great historical events and erotic longing all dealt with with the same absurd touch. 'Futility' is best to start with: This was hilarious, though I'm an unreformed quiz junkie so I would say so: This account of the Bobby Fischer - Boris Spassky chess match is worth checking out if you are interested in chess, or even if you just have a nodding acquaintance with the game : so many books, such little time....
  15. Compared with other antidepressants the significance of half-life is less important for MAOI's Surely false? MAOIs' long-half life is why you must avoid tyramine-containing substances for two weeks afterwards.