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  1. Is anyone working in Singapore as Psychiatrist? I am wanting some advice re: careers there..
  2. In Singapore posts are offered in minimum of 1 year contracts (in psychiatry) Oz does offer short term locums weeks - 6 months. But intially one needs to get registration, visa etc.. nice to see you ciims on the web after a long time! Nice to be here..rdgupta! Was happy with life besides psychiatry. hope u r doing well too.
  3. In Singapore posts are offered in minimum of 1 year contracts (in psychiatry) Oz does offer short term locums weeks - 6 months. But intially one needs to get registration, visa etc..
  4. hi usman how did ece go?? any tips?

  5. no worries but can still share thoughts- do you have messenger

  6. hai! didnt see my yahoo till now..I am doing ECE this june. All the best with ur prep.

  7. hi Usman- ECE prepation on yahoo messenger waiting 4 ur call

  8. LD is not a "college" recognized speciality in Australia. However, more n more psychiatrist are recognizing the need for LD specialists in psychiatry. As I read recently, Prof O'Brien maybe moving to Queensland. This is exciting in an Australian setting. Much needed work is being done especially in Queensland- Prof Nicholas Lenox (he is a GP)seems to spear heading this work. Contact Queensland health / Queensland Centre for IDD - if Queensland is where u want to head. I am sure they would welcome you.
  9. In K-B Syndrome, Carbamazepine has been used with limited success (case report- the patient had epileptic discharge). Have you tried an-anticonvulsant? Presume, antipsychotic has been tried
  10. My take on your point is - so, what do we do about the diabetic who doesnt make life style changes/ non- compliant etc. Do we cut their benefits as well? And what about the economic costs of cutting the benefits of someone not getting treatment? ie behaviour to fund their addiction?
  11. Interesting read. Not sure if this applies to doctors
  12. I assume you are looking to continue your training & enter into advanced training position in Spore. Though I have not had first hand experience on this, reading through the website, I understand having a MRCPsych mean you are exempt from basic training. You apply to JCST to be accepted as an advanced trainee & also apply to individual hospitals for a position to train there. (& relevant Visa). Following which, you start a further training & write-up of case reports etc. Following which,( and possibly an exit assessment) you will be considered as a Specialist. As far as my inquiries, Singapore hospitals very much prefer Singaporeans Now, if you have cct then, I wonder if anyone has any experience of working in Singapore in Psychiatry?
  13. This would be a place to start- presuming you want to work as a Specialist. Getting into a training programme is tough- unless you are a singapore educated singaporean.
  14. hai rachy There are some jobs advertised here- I just choose queensland health as I was searching for some other information. Similarly, you can search the other state health sites. The jobs may not be advertised- however, if you can get details of the medical director and contact them personally- you may find better results. Generally speaking, hospitals prefer direct contacts- saves them a lot of money + they know you as well. Try to zone in where you want to work, and look at the hospitals there- there are posts available. But, ofcourse make sure they offer you what you are looking for Feel free to ask any q- I will try to be helpful
  15. Hi there! To take the FRANZCP exam, you have to go through the Specialist Pathway- irrespective of whether you are in Oz or not.The College has to assess your specialist training. On this, I can tell you, the College is considering a few changes- the revised equivalence guidelines will be in place in March 2009. In essence ( a rough understanding of mine), you need to have finished atleast 60 months in psychiatry (including the mandatory C&A, and CL) before coming to Aus- If you do that, you can take the Exemption Exams and be awarded Fellowship. Otherwise may have to undertake further training in Oz. Now currently, any exemption applications will considered on the old rules till March 2009. Also, they are considering further changes- what, I dont know. My advice, if you are planning to come to Oz, make the exemption application now! The CA pathway, from what Sonu seems suggesting seems a bit unclear for trainees from Non-CA countries who havent done their internship in CA countries- What I wouldnt want, is spend money only to be told, you are not eligible. In any case the CA pathway takes atleast 12 months!( that includes 12 months of WBP in Australia) My suggestion, apply for Exemption Status from the College. Thats exactly what I have done. But ofcourse, since I am already in Oz and drive a Aston Martin around a 6 bedroom mansion with a pool and a view, I spent some money on Advanced Standing certificate.