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  1. thanx ros !
  2. 1) Paroxetine affects level of aripiprazole T 2) obsessions can be pleasurable F 3) secure attachments require mentally healthy caregiver F 4) irrational phobia for animals is associated with sustained psychophysiological arousal F 5) in normal grief denial can happen for two weeks T 6) self harm is premeditated in 50% of cases ?F 7) a person who has self harmend will harm again in the same year in 50% of the cases F 8) agnosia is very rare in chronic schizophrenia T 9) children who explore more have decreased attachment F 10) recent MI is a contraindication for carbamazepine therapy F 11) in behavioural assessment it is important to understand patients projections F 12) metonymy is seen commonly in schizophrenia T [highlight]13) implosion uses extinction as a technique T or F 14) according to cognitive theory schemas are readily available for introspection F or T[/highlight] 15) catastrophisation facilitates panic disorder T [highlight]16) depersonalization is commonly associated with depression T OR F[/highlight]]long term side effect of lithium is impaired memory T 17) in life cycle theory progression through different stages should not vary T Any references for q 13, 14 & 16 will be much appreciated
  3. hi thanx for the ans. any references?!
  4. hi it would be a good idea to contact david flowers part1 exam. officer to send u a duplicate admit card. exam on 5/9/07 starts at 10.00 am but i guess the venue varies . mine is in some place in fulham broadway, london. hope this helps
  5. sorry for not postin the references earlier q1 true neurological signs indicate brain changes, earlier onset& poor prognosis - BJ PSY. (2002 )181:s50-s57 q2 it has been proposed that screening young age groups inthe population by using predictors of high risk(such as family history of psychosisobstetric complications or abnormal eye tracking) could identify potential patients long before onset . -- Mc glashan,TH & Johannessen, Jo(1996) early detection & intervention with schizophrenia: rationale, schizophrenia bulletin 22, 201-22 q3- true medial temporal lobe is especially sensitive to hypoxic perinatal damage leadiing to this effect --- companion to psychiatric studies johnstone , lawrie 7th ed p402 q4 true mothers have more schizoid traits-- companion to psychiatric studies 7th ed p 404 q5false the phenomenon of anticipation has not been clearly established in schizophrenia few isolated studies need replication --- AJP 1996;153:1173-1177 hope this helps!
  6. 1. Presence of neurological signs in schizophrenia indicates an early onset of the illness.true 2. Eye Tracking dysfunction can predict over development of schizophrenia.true schizophrnia, obstetric complications increase the risk of ventricular enlargement in schizophrenia.true 4. parents of patients with schizophrenia havemore emotional problems than those without schizophrenia.true history of Schizophrenia brings forward the age of onset of the illness.false
  7. hi q's related to aetiology of schizophrenia-:the first 4 qs are true . not sure about the 5th one
  8. HI For st2 psychiatry interviews 22/23 may . u will be invited durin this week 14-18th may.
  9. hi raja! i can imagine your situatuation as it is v. similar to mine . my consultant even shouts at me in the ward round in front of nurses if ihave started a pt. on b12 inj with low levels just because i havent mentioned to him earlier . even during my supervision tends to drift to minor medical stuff rather than the psy. topic to be discussed. its really frustrating.
  10. thank you abheem. could you please tell me how to find about any current ongoing research in leicester will the site be
  11. please someone .......any suggestions i have an interview next deep waters :'( ! thanx
  12. hi! i do understand this question has been frequently asked on this forum but still i would be grateful if any one could tell me what q's to expect for the post of SHO in psychiatry as i have been shortlisted for leicester job anything in particular about the trust that i need to know. i am quite nervous as this is my first interview here. at the moment i am working as trust sho in CRT. Thanx
  13. thanx anthonyc!
  14. hi everyone! i am going to start working as locum sho in CRT v. soon, so it will be great help if u guys can give some info on the role of sho in the team and career progression. thanx