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  1. 8. Behaviour modification in severe LD is helpful True. Shorter oxford textbook of psychiatry p891. ''Behavioural methods are potentially helpful to people with severe learning disability since some of the methods do not require language''
  2. The equal interval scale is used to measure attitudes TRUE Gupta and Gupta
  3. Auditory hallucinations are part of the alcohol withdrawal syndrome True.ICD 10
  4. 7. Aripiprazole is a partial D2 agonist. True
  5. cocaine enhances the release of 5-HT. FALSE It blocks the reuptake of 5HT,Dopamine and other major cathecolamines. Kaplan and Saddock 9th edt p 430.
  6. Theory of the mind develops by aruond age 4years TRUE.Goodman and Scott page 49
  7. Thanks Ntanda for your advice,though you did not answer the question,your response is appriciated.
  8. Please,could someone tell me what kinds of routine things we do are we expected to put in the log book?
  9. Thanks for the prompt response.
  10. In the 18yrs old LD boy,how would you ask his parents to stop putting the herbal medicine in his food.Any ideas please.
  11. Wilson’s disease is associated with a chromosomal abnormality . TRUE.Oxford handbook of clinical medicine.Autosomal recessive
  12. 10. Dialectical behavioural therapy includes social skills training TRUE Shorter oxford textbook page 739.Patient learn problem solving techniques for dealing with stressfull events,including ways of improving social skills and of controlling anger and other emotions
  13. 5. In strategic family therapy interruptive style questioning is used True.Core Psychiatry. page 569.Practitioners argue that symtoms are maintained by the family's habitual solution and seek ways to interrupt the vicious circle.
  14. 6. Eysenck's personality category is idiographic False. It is normothetic.Gupta and Gupta page 127