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  1. Good summary of the programme in the Guardian http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/oct/27/baby-p-untold-story-cover-up-bbc?CMP=twt_gu “It was politicians behaving very badly,” concludes Barry Sheerman MP at the end of tonight’s compelling BBC film Baby P: the Untold Story. Take a bow Ed Balls and David Cameron. But, as Henry Singer’s relentlessly clear-sighted documentary demonstrates, it wasn’t just politicians. Take a bow too, the media, Ofsted, the Metropolitan police and even the saintly Great Ormond Street hospital..."
  2. 17 days left to see this important account of the tragic mishandling of the Baby P case. A sadly British response to how it treats its social services and the dangers of having fragmented health services. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b04n6sm0/baby-p-the-untold-story While not strictly about psychiatry it is about risk management, the emotive issues around abuse and the difficulties of systems working together. It goes some way to describing circumstances and details of a tragedy turned into national calamity that you are unlikely to have fully known. The background was always complex and those who assert that certain professionals were to blame should be viewed with critical suspicion and even contempt about their own motives. The toxic role of Rebekah Brooks (and likely collusion with Cameron) in particular is shocking. It's also a timely reminder of the dangers of rushing sensitive investigations and the risks that can happen when "popular opinion" based on partial and uniformed information is allowed to develop.
  3. I know psychiatrists who take a "loose" approach when trying to spell lose.
  4. Rethink chose to lead the media with their press release. If a press release features words that are in quotes "...." , it would not be unreasonable to expect that the origin of "...." could be sourced in what the press release is describing. Glad you agree this is the right board
  5. The proper reference to "catastrophic failings" should be in quotes as that is how it features in Rethink's press release There is no reference to any actual catastrophe in the report itself. I've written a blog about the report and it's presentation to the media here. I gave a presentation about it today in Glasgow. The view of the other consultants there was more critical - viewing the report as reductionist and opinion led. The word "suicide" is not in any of the 88 pages. "Rehabilitation" only features three times in the text and not in the recovery context. Anyone else have any views about the report and its presentation to pass on to Rethink? What do you think Gurpal? Edited for phrasing in 5th para
  6. Another Ghana link for those interested in how globalisation is affecting health care. Here's an unsentimental account on Al Jazeera of why one trained nurse among many in Ghana is now working in the UK in a nursing home.
  7. "We have literally no idea how good we have it" Update here to bring attention to the blog of Dr Susie Easton, who is continuing the placement in Ghana. Her excellent blog is up here on the college website. I've also updated my blog to include an interview with a traditional healer, known as a fetish priest. There are six further trainees due to take on placements in Ghana over the next 18 months. For those interested in the programme, contact Challenges Worldwide.
  8. Bumping the thread to add link to my report on Ghana that's now on the RCPsych site here http://www.rcpsych.ac.uk/members/internationalaffairsunit/volunteersprogramm/ghana-maytoaugust2010.aspx Also details about how to volunteer for training under the college are here http://www.rcpsych.ac.uk/members/internationalaffairsunit/volunteersprogramm/volunteerschemesummary.aspx For those in Brighton for the Training day at the Conference (July 1), Peter Hughes is to speak about volunteering abroad in the 'Hot Topics' session in the afternoon. I'll be there as well for anyone wanting to know more about the Ghana programme Cheers
  9. I have to decide (or not) by tomorrow still not really sure about all this but this was somewhat helpful http://www.ramsaybrown.co.uk/HowtoweighupmovingtothenewNHSpension.htm
  10. Hello, Here's some details on the St George's Higher Training Programme OOPE in Ghana that I was involved with earlier this year. The programme runs with the support of Challenges Worldwide and London Deanery where during the three month placement, trainees forego one month of their salary and any banding. Ghana itself is a fantastic place with problems admittedly and a basic psychiatry service but is accessible to English speakers. To read about details of Ghanaian use of traditional healers and prayer camps this is a great research piece by Read about an place I did some teaching at. There's now a school that's now providing psychiatry training for medical assistants called the Kintampo Project which is run jointly with support from Hampshire Partnership. I will be presenting at the London Deanery trainee conference on Nov 3rd in the morning. Conference programme is here. My full report is on my blog - ( http://gregneate.wordpress.com ) Some photos from Ghana are at neate photos Sorry that I don't know of any other schemes for trainees on other programmes but I was the fifth St George's trainee to go and this shows it is possible to do an OOPE during specialty training and have it count towards the CCT. Happy to talk further with anyone going to the conference Cheers
  11. There's depression and then there's melancholia. I wouldn't have really known the difference and the futility of persuasion and the futility of persuasion without doing my recent long case.
  12. Cheers - well there's a few 'Management skills for Specialist Registrars' courses that run for a week about preparing for consultancy. The King's Fund costs twice as much so was after any views on whether people felt it was worth it.
  13. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has any experience and views on the King's Fund or alternative courses in management for SpRs? Genuine query as thinking of doing in July but £1800 (includes VAT) is a lot to part with. Cheers. http://www.kingsfund.org.uk/learn/leadership/open_programmes/management_for.html
  14. Is a correct answer on an EMI the same as a MCQ? When I did Parts I and II it was 3:1 but there seems no mention of that now. I'm now teaching trainees about the MCQ's and want to know are they considered the same in terms of marks? cheers
  15. Yep - any sign of them? I used them a lot when doing Parts I and II I'm now teaching trainees on MCQ's Are the past papers that were on superego no longer uhm... 'free'? edit: added missing 'no'