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  1. This is not a good idea. you should not write a petition that is open for counter attack, now their answer looks senseble and our demands sound unrealistic which will not help our cause
  2. To exclude organic illnes is very important like malignacy, hiv, malabsorpion etc..
  3. this looks fine to me esp given the short time to organise our thought. but let us hope for the best.
  4. Dear I am in the same boat as you. I have done that question. I started by a general sentence that choldren are the future of nations and that any problems with them need to be tackled ( something on these meaning). then spoke about the problems in child hood from attachment, depression and then ADHD. I gave the definition and how it carries on ( including conduct and defiant disorders and truancy) and that it may give anti social disorder as adult. then I was out of ideas. I mentioned the counter arguement of phisycal disorders beening specific to certain ages and do not progress and that mental illness are different and that the treatment of mental ilness wil improve the quality of life of children and adult if there is no cure. and some other woffle. but I don't know if that was the right trac or I was completely off line. :-/ but again I say it is not worth worring about because there is nothing I could do now.
  5. Hi every one PMP 1/ 23 yr lady took od of paracetamol due to break in the relationship with boy friend,known self harmer, two termination of pregnancy,substance misuse how will you manage propes treatment for PD 2/ 59 male with LD,epilepsy, cardiac problems and unstable diabetes the surgeon wants to operate on his gangarene but he is refusing how will you manage. propes about capacity. 3/ the lady with BPAD who are stable on lithium for three years and want to start a family how will you manage.propes about lithium side effects.
  6. thank you very much anna. :)I am not panicking just some tremors and sweat and finding it difficult to sleep
  7. can some one help t explain these tools :-/
  8. Hi Kelu see this from google 8-) The rights of parents in relation to medical matters concerning their children are subject to the ruling of the House of Lords in the case Gillick v West Norfolk and Wisbech Area Health Authority [1985] 3 All ER 402 (HL). The case concerned a teenage child's right to consent to medical treatment without the parents' knowledge. Lord Fraser said that the degree of parental control varied according to the child's understanding and intelligence, and Lord Scarman further opined that parental rights only existed so long as they were needed to protect the property and person of the child. He said: 'As a matter of law the parental right to determine whether or not their minor child below the age of 16 will have medical treatment terminates if and when the child achieves sufficient understanding and intelligence to enable him to understand fully what is proposed.' Subsequently developed case law held that 'Gilliick competence' related to the particular child and the particular treatment, and there have been cases where a 17-year-old has been found insufficiently competent to refuse medical treatment, while in other cases much younger children have been deemed sufficiently competent. In addition, where a child is 16 or 17 either parent or child can consent to treatment independently (though neither can override the other or exercise a veto). The court can, however, override the wishes of both where treatment is vital to the child's welfare. Attempts by medical professionals to further clarify the law were specifically discouraged by the courts. It became a matter for the doctor to judge whether a child under 16 was 'Gillick competent'. A further anomaly was provided by the Access to Health Records Act 1990, which allows a child under 16 deemed 'Gillick competent' by a doctor to veto the parent's access to medical information held by that doctor, even though the parent can consent to treatment which the child cannot veto. The result is that a doctor, if s/he judges the child to be 'Gillick competent', can only disclose information to the parent with the child's consent, regardless of Parental Responsibility.
  9. we need to advise the court on fitness to plead,(does he understand the charges,understand the difference of guilty/notguilty plea,able to instruct the solicitor,able to follow the proceedings and able to challenge a juiror) also advise on disposal options depending on the risks and presence and treatability of mental illness :-/ He has been charged already,please look at the question before answering >
  10. there seems to be a PMP about the women in psychotherapy who developed memories about abuse how will you manage.the college seem to like it and few candidates has fail it that why Iam worried(see message from Hani Dec 2004 on the long case) :-?
  11. Hello every one I have been searching all over the net for this syndrome,presentation , any info and how to manage? Sprs, any one help :'(
  12. hi totroo I found the following information on different place of this site [highlight]Hi Nazar, St Georges, Stafford is quite a big psychiatry hospital with regional medium secure unit(Forensic!!), Eating disorder unit, mother and baby unit and drug & alcohol rehab unit along with 4 general adult, 2 old age and 1 PICU Ward. I have worked there as SHO and Staff grade for about 5 years before getting my SpR post and I can asure you that the organisers are very friendly and nice. Good Luck!! sg [/highlight] :-/
  13. RnD I can not agree more. you are right in saying no break of confidentiality unless there are serious risks to the public. 8-)
  14. No one answered me so far : :'( :'(
  15. I am going there on the 17th :