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  1. well, the springboks did well.. england did very well too. considering the earlier hammering they got from the Springboks// england should be proud,but terribly disappointed..
  2. but the T20 match was won by India with some ease.. thanks to some miserable bowling by the aussies. 24 extras dont help a match especially a 20 over match..
  3. ferrari help kimi break the shackles and the cool fin, who was an outsider two races ago is the champ.. worthy succcessor to Michael in the ferraris.. i think the oncoming years may see the red mist tide over the others like how it was when michael was around!!
  4. very thrilling....
  5. you are right sagi,, Ron knows this guy is truly good. thats why he has made his intentions clear towards Alonso who i wont be surprised to see leaving to a team which will RESPECT him.. i just said that the sying row should not screw up the young man's future.. if RON is letting go of the kid, i am damn sure TODT will be ready to snatch him off..
  6. I guess Rahul thought his bowlers needed bit of rest.. :-? but hell. yeah they are back to square one and i am very happy that they managed a great score in the first innings or else we would have been feeling the heat now.. to take nearly 60 overs away to score just 180 runs is alraming to realise that they just wanted to be safe than to be aggressive. thats what separates us from the Aussies i think. :'(
  7. i think this form of cricket finishes too quickly.. but still is entertaining. wont pay too much to go and see one in person.. however i would watch it on TV. bowlers take the whack in this real hard.. i think it will improve as the days go by and shall be even more exciting to watch. india do have a good team for this format.. lets see what comes up. one thing is for sure, in this format anyone can have more chance than the longer version of it which is being dominated by the Aussies for a decade,
  8. yeah Indian cricket and politics cant be separated.. ageing cricketers no longer need to just look for commentating.. there is something else where they can continue to make money.. some fellows not making enough money can also run into this.. business i suppose.. but not the best thing according to me..
  9. No sands,, bit busy with some other exams so didnt visit the site for 2 months flat and only now i am starting to get my feet back in..
  10. sorry mate, was bit occupied with few things and never checked the superegocafe forum.. fly till tirupathi with your family and you can rent a car or a mini van if more family members join in.. tirupathi to tirumala (which is the temple) takes about half hour by car.. no great accomodations on the hill but there are few good ones in tirupathi.. i think hitel beema paradise is a really good one. there are two of them i dont know which one is the star hotel though.. i am not sure swimming pools will be on their list but you can ask,, darshans through the day happen.. they cost between 50 and 100 Rs. the problem will be the queue.. but you get to sit so maximum 3 hours of sitting and half hour standing on a non rushed day,, if you have political connections, get a letter form a MLA and you will finish your darshan in 20 minutes.. please make sure its not a holiday in Andhra before you go,, the crowd will be enormous anyway but on holidays it just jumps two or three fold i think..
  11. i thought last year Alonso drove like a true champ. this year he is just moaning all the time unable to accept that there is a better driver than him on a sister car.. too bad for him.. him turning to Ferrari?? no chance..i dont think with the way felipe and Kimi are doing, they will want to have someone like Alonso screwing it up for them.. the Ferrari pair have started doing well enough and i am sure next year they will pull it. hamilton is a fantastic driver, the best car or not, to do in a rookie season to fight with the current world champion and also a core blood racer like kimi and still pull it, he is good. though McLaren may be guilty of spying, i would be seriously upset for this young man who has done wonders if the team gets thrown out.. i think they should be punished. spying now will not look as a bad thing and that sends a bad signal to everyone..
  12. Yeah looks like the series is wrapped up for sure but will they win 2-0 is the question now. my thought is that, finishing off England's batting twince on a track like that with under four days might be slightly tough, the first innings, whatever mistakes England made, they will try to avoid in their next innings and hopefully the umpiring will improve and it may be better with consistancy. two bowlers who lok threatening are Zaheer and Kumble. hopefully they can do the job if they are not too tired. i would want to see an Innings defeat rather than a rapid fire 200 which would screw up the overs needed to finish the batting lineup..
  13. with the win, i wish for India to hold on to it unlike the previous time they have always managed to scuff it out.. and less sledging.... >
  14. First question Bless, which city are you travelling from?? then,,,, how many days have you got?i mean one or two.. how many of you guys going?? things are pretty easy to book online as pointed out earlier,i booked online with friends and was in teh queue for maximum 2 hours for the archana aradhana seva at 4a.m tell me more and i will try to give more info if i am not late already.. i went there 2 months ago and booked for my friends to go ten days ago again..
  15. Cool ones slarti