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  1. congrats to those who got it. 8-) its 00:03hrs Now here I am, with empty hands, so depressed ...... :'(
  2. anybody else? i m just holding...
  3. Okay guys .......chill ..............................., we all are angry... No need to be personal.. But if they break their promise and have gone home, I dont know how many more will go haywire. I will
  4. starting to loose hope like many of us. Why the hell is taking soooo llloooooooooooong! I am getting weird ideas in my head, or may be there is a good reason? may be london has decided to give very few jobs in round 1b(this seems to be the case for st2 and st3, very very few people got jobs) and may be london deanery will keep jobs for round 2, may be like many other deaneries so that the make sure (at a local level) that no 'good' doctors from the area remains without a job. this may mean that deaneries may give preference to local candidates Or am i just too wishful probably I am just barking.
  5. another update has happened few seconds ago at 8.30pm, but no news on st4 psych, unfortunately (you can see last update time just above the table, if you dont know; updates happen every 1.5 hrs to 2 hrs) last one was 6.30pm
  6. f*****g hell, i am going crazy and impatient. '^&%@@@><>::'$'£'$'((((((^^%$$%%%^$%$%$%^$%$^$$$%^£%£&$$%^%)(*&^)))))>>>>><<<<<<<,,,,,,,..,,,,$^%$$%^$^$*(&*^£!)**&(&(&&&*¬`````````¬¬¬¬/.,/.;'/..[[/.,;',/' these are my thoughts :-/
  7. I got the same answer- all results out by midnight loooong wait
  8. what about survey on drug misuse while on methadone. But not all patients would disclose.
  9. passed! more of a relief than anything else. congrats to all who made it. Those who didnt, do not loose heart, its a game of luck too, you already worked so hard. You will have your day tomorrow!
  10. my pmp's were 1 20 yr old male, ref by gp, attempted suicide as he is getting isolated and paranoid. he does rituals and repeated checking, assess and manage. 2 70 yr lady, husband died 6mn ago, she lost wt, neglects herself, children live far away, do a domiciliary assessment. d/d 3 22 girl, panic attacks plus anxiety symptoms, now mostly at house, aetiology, d/d , Mx
  11. Postnatal Dep plus diazepam dependence
  12. I would ask if father is alive? Access to other children? (grandchildren, neighbours' etc) If he is, Inform social services-Tell her that I am dutybound to do this. Take History of depressive symptoms and do mse (with assessment of potential selfharm, neglect, suicide or harm to others) to establish diagnosis of depression and exclude other DDs. and offer antidep. meds. Give info on psychological input like CBT. Look at any perpetuating factors like stress in marriage, talk about referring to RELATE or couple therapy. Explore her fears of husband knowing about abuse. In the long term, she may benefit from psychological input if she is suitable for psychotherapy (understanding symptoms in psychological perspective, ego strength, ability to form therapeutic alliance, no substance misuse and no psychotic symptoms)
  13. Hi Ankush Mine is same centre andon 16th. I did some research for any psych hospital in the area- no results booked EZJ and hotel in city centre, I got Europa which I have heard is quite good and is in easy access of Public Transport. If you need any other info post here or [removed]
  14. i am in Belfast too exam on thursday
  15. I think It was a shocker for all of us. Part B appeared easier but I started realizing mistakes on the way back home... question on post test probability- i calculated everything using prevalence and LR+ but did not convert it back to post test prevalence from post test odds. It took loooong hours to calculate and no use. Part A - couldn't understand many questions !! anyway, I am glad its over. atleast for few months if not for ever.