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  1. don't worry about the note too much. I had this station last time and I noticed the note in the last few seconds but I passed it.
  2. I wonder why they went all this lenght to put a bed plus tray with tendon hammer, cotton wool and tunning fork At the bottom of the instructions it was written if you are using the hammer make sure you are not hurting the role player
  3. I struggled with one too; in the end he disclosed he could hear his neighbours next door - auditory hall in addition to his 'feeling' that something is not right - I could not get anything else from him
  4. and about reflexes in EPSEs what was that? has anyone done it?
  5. anyway apart from the pedophile all the actors were rubbish/obnoxious - horrible afternoon for me
  6. several people were talking about ST elevation, my patient denied sx but he was a diabetic ... therefore ...; and in anterior leads it seemed some ST elevation but I went for QTc QTc was deffo long 682/700 something
  7. the cheeky bastards they combined QTc with silent MI !
  8. You are the best!
  9. Having appealed in the past what I can suggest is don't do it. It is like having a piss against the wind - you will get wet. Please excuse my comparison. Keep trying and don't give up.
  10. i would like to join those who failed Paper 3 around 1% (me - 0.6). I think the stats were pretty much the same, the new bit was more MCQ apart from those from the articles. I think the pass mark will be pretty high this time.
  11. Which of the following substances is NOT associated with violence in non-psychotic patients? a. Cannabis b. Cocaine c. Opiates d. Alcohol e. Amphetamines I thought is cannabis but it is opiates. Any views?
  12. mentor 4-6 birmingham 10