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  1. I was also interested in knowing what experiences others have had in similar situations, especially the way the trust supported them after an incident so that I could discuss that with the people in our trust
  2. hallo could someone share their experiences with me. what can one expect in terms of support from Trust after an assault by a patient? I was recently assaulted in an inpatient PICU. I was not seriously hurt but was considerably shaken, and almost had an accident driving back from work. I completed all the necessary paperwork and called the police and was informed that I would have to go to the local police station to make a complaint ( no provision to make an appointment with an officer but have to wait a couple of hours at the station till someone can see you). I did the 24 hour incident form. In terms of support, all I have had so far is the ward manager saying, I am sorry this happened to you. I am just feeling very upset and vulnerable as this is a second similar episode in 3 months, nothing happened the first time round either. So what is this zero tolerance policy that everyone keeps talking about? Is it only completing an incident form? What policies/ support exist in other places? thanks
  3. Hallo, I am looking for information about NHS units in London that assess and advise on management for Adult Asperger's Anyone know of any??
  4. Fee

    Hallo, Could someone clarify. I have never claimed for DVs as i thought it was part of the job, can one actually claim for it? Regards
  5. Hi, I would like some clarification. I was under the impression that the research and special interest days would continue in the same format for current SpRs and the changes would be incorporated for ST4. Is that not the case now?
  6. Hi dark angel let me know how you got on, as i will be going back to work when my LO is 6 months old
  7. When you get your NI card, it comes with a letter that has space to fill in change of address and send it back to them. Alternately just call them up. For IR, you will have to call and let them know or ask payroll to inform them
  8. Hallo, Can anyone help me. I would like to know who is the Psych Scheme Cor-ordinator for the Royal Free Rotation. I know that the Program Director is Dr Janet Carrick, but the deanery website does not have the correct info about the scheme co-ordinator. I would be grateful if someone could post the name and contact number/email id either here or in a private message to me Thanks
  9. You could try finding out if you get get a letter from a lawyer stating you are competent in English. I know they used to ask for that earlier when people were applying for citizenship. I don't know if they do that even now. It would cost about 5-10 GBP
  10. Also it would be good idea to speak to trust solicitors and MDU as you cannot treat medical illness under setion 2 if patient has capacity to consent
  11. pukhtun, do you know any place in london which serves maalpuas. i am a huge fan and we used to get it outside our college during iftar but have not seen it anywhere in uk
  12. I had discussed this with BMA and was advised that as long as the post is substantiative, it does not matter whether you were in it for 1 month or 6 months. Of course, getting the medical staffing to agree to that is more difficult. If you are a BMA member, then they write to the medical staffing on your behalf. So you could get the email id of the medical personnel and ask BMA's help
  13. I normally check on Just put in your exam centre postcode and then search for the closest bed and breakfast
  14. Thanks Omer
  15. Hallo, Does anyone know how the penalty points on driving liscence work and what is the max one can get before getting disqualified or having to do the driving test again? I thought one was disqualified if they had 6 points but read somewhere that it can go upto 12 points?