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  1. DVS= Don Valley Stadium
  2. Should the scripts be on white paper? As not done the CASC, is the font size consistent I get the impression that a script more than two paragraphs (ie 6-8 lines long) is too long Is the DVS soo noisy- battery chicken feeling anyone- but see that some people do tend to shout or raise the volume of their voice when under stress Perhaps they should go back to using individual rooms rather than one big hall Is it cold there And what was this issue of someone getting shouted at before the exam- would be unusual for one of the helpers to do so when infront of so many people- but if a justifiable complaint would say all those who witnessed should look at complaints procedure- if you leave it there will be no action or the examining comitee cannot address such problems next time. Is there parking and no problems at DVS?
  3. to avoid others directing you, at least see how the previous incumbent of the post did things (as long as not a long succession of locums) Lunch with juniors- bit of team building never did any harm- why not take them to the canteen once in a while, surgeons did it all the time at breakfast
  4. Although standardisation of the exam does make it more transparent, the way things are assessed is still given a shroud of mystery and the way examiner's can give the global mark. Perhaps more examiners and collation of the scores; but be aware that this multiplies an already high cost. The issue if you ask a college person or educationalist in failing repeatedly is that the candidate is constantly at the cutpoint, and that this is always ahead of the particular performance. The exam is supposedly designed for making a clear distinction between a borderline pass and fail. As the stakes get higher, this becomes more important and the standard setting and procedures more difficult to decipher. As for the amount of practice, perhaps changing tack, using a different group and involving more outside people to pass judgement; the college repeatedly sends tutors suggestions of looking at either deficiencies in studies or methods. We all know the exam does not reflect real life but is a means of assessing performance and achieving an arbitrary standard. Try to see it in such light, but accept that other routes can also be explored (CESR). There are many who were fine and excelled in med school, only to find that such exams are frustratingly out of reach, with their emotional, time and financial implications.
  5. Fairly good training but really depends on where you end up. Seems to be less CT1's about but some ok places although variation in on-calls can be significant. Can express a preference but I think may have to give some justification as to why there is a need to be in a particular area.
  6. everyone sayin that it's full up. I don't just wanna spend all day watching people do pmp's and then feel that I've wasted a day. I heard that the Guilford experince is closest to the exam- but obviously a bit too late now. I suppose money is not too important if the course is gonna help me get through.
  7. Thought I'd wait till morning and see what happens!!! Hope the website doesn't go down
  8. I'd have to agree with the general concensus that: 1. Put a written compalint in by letter and fax. CC to examinations dept and anyone from the list of high rankers at the college (sorry but the letter after q on the keyboatd is missing). 2. Don't hold your breath- you may get a letter back but generally minimal action unless you had stated that the college had broken it's contarct with you in which case theere would be a definate iisue of compensation- as i'm not well versed in the legalities i cannot say. 3. Continue prep until result as you would. Sometimes your view of performance can be entirely wrong (either way) If you are writing you should state at the end of your letter a timescale in which you expect to recieve a response. You can express your anger and dissappointment and the fact you had sent in the money for the exam and have not received an adequate service. If you have the letter that tells you of where to go on the exazm day send that as an enclosure. 4. You could seek legal advice but be aware of future implications.
  9. I've seen a few notices for am 'EDGE course' being held near Manchester. It is not one other mebers have talked about and I was wondering if anyone knew about it or had attended before. It would be useful as after giving so much money to gordon and the college- i can't really afford any more waste. If anyone knows of it or has attenede before could they post back. Thanks
  10. With the number of courses about at the momenet and the wide range of quality I was wondering if anyone had done a poll or review of the main ones. Their seems to be mixed messages about all the courses- and the extra money for some- (excluding travel and accomodation)- is it worth it? Not having been in the loop for a while really how good are these 'must attend' courses.
  11. Bangor- one of the best organised of venues. Good room and pleasant surroundings. Travelodge wasx basic but adequate and easy to find. Good papers and refreshments. Only issue was that they brought the patient in right at the beginninig unlike some centresthat give you a few mins to do all your headings. This was 2yrs ago so maybe they have altered.
  12. Bedford--> pretty poor place. Boring grey although the walk from hotel quite nice along river (but long). Examiners generally cold, small room and waiting room for pmp just across corridor from exam!!!( you can hear it all). Old building and did not appear much thought into candidates requirements (except few bottles of juice and water)*1/2* Bangor--> cool centre. Modern, light, very nice staff. Well set up, waiting room large and at other side of dept from exam. Newspapers, sweets, drinks, television. Will call taxi for you and modern centre with woodland nearby (good or bad depends how it went)**** Dykebar(Glasgow)--> Big old site which you reach after a housing estate. So many depts but well set up centre and canteen not too bad (but no takeouts near). Large building but they seem to have good balance. Waiting room fairly small but not too many candidates. ***
  13. Could also cosider case of schizophrenia significant prodrome( simple type). MHA use it no prob over age however if he's burnt common law to treat at hospital for injuries may need to discuss implications of child on adult ward Abuse is high on list of differentials or bullying LD- could also state copying behaviour or 'dared' Fire setting make risk assessment even when admitted an important point to mention
  14. 5. Huntington's EEG TRUE Characteristic diffuse flattening with low amolitude theta and delta waves (Examination notes in psych- Basic sciences p141
  15. Just felt it may be helpful for everyone if u could post details of the center you went to. Things like what hotel was like and costs. Also would be useful if posting also what the centre was like (ie. helpful/unhelpful- any time given before long case to get headings sorted- provision of snacks- waiting room issues-etc). I'm sure the more computer literate amongst you could design a poll so feel free!!!