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  1. hey guys! i've been away from this site for sooo long...thats the american residency for you. well let me put it in very simple language to you.i am of similar age as many of those who have expressed reluctance on this topic.but remember...the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. there's no comparison AT ALL between the prospects of a trainee in the UK and the residency is not that doom and get busy,yes....but its wont even know time is passing.several people i know have already taken the hard decision...and are now half-way through. if money is a big deal for you,the 2k/month of residency has been enough for folks with a family of 2 kids during residency(most times partners dont work for the duration of residency)....but psychiatrist start off on $180-260k/year here post residency.thats more than 200k pounds quality-of-life wise(please dont make the common mistake of converting at existing exchange rates as thats not what you find when you start living here!).nobody earns here to go buy stuff in london. let me finish by stating that each man's situation is different..and this option is not for everyone...and definitely not for the faint-hearted or change-averse. all the best. 8-)
  2. Its the 4th round of games completed....and you can say we aren't even started yet.However,we've seen enough to know that it's not going to be easy for anyone this year.Just watch the old trafford giants struggling to haul themselves out of the early relegation mangrove swamp last weekend against an enterprising Spurs side. If anyone thought the initial Man City surge to the summit of the 3rd week table was a fluke,just watch their game against Arsenal again.This team is not going to lie low for anyone this season.They have a seasoned manager(at least at clubside level) and a club owner with his pockets linked to the Thai treasury.I for one have fallen in love with some of their players:Elano,Petrov,Bianchi,Schmeichel,Richards.... And what do you think about that Ronaldinho story?I know they say there's no smoke without fire...but please chelsea doesn't need another big ego in our already packed midfield.The special one will have some picking to do when Ballack is back fit since Belleti expectedly should release Essien to compete for his preferred central midfield role from now on.The choice will no longer be as straightforward as it was last season because the young Nigerian ,Mikel has finally come of age and has been an absolute sensation so far. Has anyone noticed how well Kanu and Utaka link up in pompey's attack these days?Little wonder then that David Nugent has been told to talk to Derby. It doesnt take a genius to guess how eager Sir Alex is to get both Rooney and Ronaldo back on the pitch now....expecially since wonderboy 'calitos' Tevez has not exactly set the league ablaze since his debut.....and there will be no babyface assasin to rescue United now....Ole Gunner Solskjaer finally bids farewell.But heck,take nothing away from that beauty from Nani last weekend....these portuguese boys can hit 'em!! I like what I've seen so far of 'El nino' in the liverpool attack...but it was Andrei Voronin grabbing all the headlines in europe midweek. Liverpool and Arsenal are the teams playing the best football these days,but again it's early days yet...and wait a that Henry warming the bench at the Nou Camp? N.B:Read more on OMC
  3. mcjimo,i simply have to respond to your dangerously misleading post. like you,i was in ireland(spent 4yrs in ireland/UK-2002 to 2006) before starting medicine residency in the i passed MRCPsych before leaving, and i try to return for locum consultant posts in ireland whenever i can(to enjoy the green hills and make extra cash). ..u see,i have seen it all....the conditions in england will never get close to that in the US even in the best of times pre-MTAS,so go get a life!! 8-)
  4. hope the essay wasnt too tough on of luck for the clinicals! at least u can now take a deep breath. 8-)
  5. [highlight]i wish to congratulate all that were successful in this autumn's exams....xmas wld ave come that lil' bit early am sure. for those on the wrong end of the toss....remember,its only an exam...and you are no less a person than those who passed! [/highlight]
  6. just to wish all my peoples sweating out the part 2 2mrw the best of[highlight] LUCK[/highlight]! 8-)
  7. alexander alexandrovich alekhine
  8. no disrespect to anyone,but the only useful phrase in this thread was several posts ago....something about all the religions originating from jerusalem... has anyone paused for one second to imagine a world without all these religions?...where each one simply saw the other as his homo sapien brother?? both christianity and islam are foreign to africa/asia and europe.has someone been taking us all for a ride through the generations?? ..i shudder to imagine that since dead pple are supposed to be judged immediately upon death,both nehru and ghandi must by now realize what monumental fools they've made of themselves!!
  9. i feel so insensitive sayin this, but i wil anyways..... ...all these things are happening to fulfil prophesy. if u are a discerning soul,u will make straight ur path before the empowerment of the beast. many believe the antichrist will follow ahmadinajad as leader of iran. the books of daniel and revelation and u will see. u may even check out 'THE NOSTRADAMUS CODE'....very shortly there will be disastrous earthquakes in california and southern europe. ..this is my most biased post since joining superego-cafe...i hope u forgive me...cldn't help it as am truly overawed by the events still to come!
  10. it's only my 5th week in an american training program and the difference is already clear! my 4yr stay in UK/ireland was by necessity rather than US visas were almost impossible to get from africa in 2000-2002. some of us always knew the place to study any kind of Postgraduate medicine in the 21st century was in the US....this is where it's all happening. the structured training one gets here with several resident-focused programs is non existent in the UK and ireland. in the UK,u r screwed if u r out of london or other big,every accredited program must fulfil the min ACGME training criteria...and there are no stupid TRUST GRADE jobs to deceive IMGs with! visa issues have been thoroughly debated...bottom line is that most immigrants need to be on H1 so they can stand a better chance of getting a green card. fellowships have famously been said to be easier on a J -visa,so the waiver jobs may not be such a scary proposition afterall. my standard of living is currently much better even though am currently earning only about 1/4 of my last salary in UK/irl...everything is cheaper....a 4-bed house+basement with a pool and large garden costs $160k in cleveland! to those who talk about the tedious job during residency..i say this:i feel much better working this hard here because everything is done to blunt ur pain(plenty of food!!)and the call is over be4 u know it....grt welfare package...and the consultant/attending are right there by ur side....i often felt alone in UK/irl when on call. the best part is that u know u've got a real chance after residency.even if u stop to go into primary care,u have ur own practice and pts are admitted under ur name. on the '4 exams',its not that bad...u don't need to go into medical schl biochem/physio text books...u can register for online revision plans like kaplan/usmleworld and clear the exams in a yr.several of my close friends with whom i had this same discussion only 6mths ago are now ready for the next yr's match..with respectable scores!. lastly,i would advise all who are still sceptical to consider that the only lasting benefit of training in the UK now seems to be the relative ease of obtaining the US visa compared to applying in one's home country...seize that oppourtunity while u still have a job! NB:the only way of defining the limits of the possible is to venture into the seemingly impossible. 8-)
  11. pray[highlight][/highlight]
  12. in 10 yrs,i would be a newly retired attending phycisian on a long holiday to barbados with my pretty wife and 2 kids...with only my sat phone and laptop for contact with selected business associates and stockbrokers. ...and am not deluded!
  13. the above are brilliant. but if u like keeping things simple like me,read on.... there is no better way to pass part2 other than a thorough preparation for the part1 in the first place. if u fluked part1,u may have more heart-ache in part2. ...if u however thoroughly read core psych/sims/munafo for part1,ur job in part2 becomes relatively easier than advised in the above posts. background gen knowledge is more impt than any one course or revision text. u will not get far reading all available journals...i opened just 1 edition of BJP and knew journals were not for me!i dont know what APT looks like!! u cannot ignore yellow book/ajetunmobi for critical appraisal...but the mcq and essay are totally unpreparable....stick with this website and PARTICIPATE. i attended manchester and superego courses for part1 but stuck with prepdublin only for part2 clinicals. the blue pasttest pmp book is sufficient...olumoroti is a reference book! all courses can only be a guide....there's no gold standard,and several pple pass without having attended any! on the day of ur clinical exam,pray and wish urself best of LUCK because u will need it! :-*
  14. pple like babble belong to the old school where seniors literally got their asses kissed.she shld be ignored! who gives a rats ass how 'ur trainees' parade themselves?? we shldn't even be getting into this debate lest the inappropriate reference to insensitivity be given undeserved substance.
  15. glory to God,i passed. i commiserate with those not lucky enough on this occasion. thanks webmaster.