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  1. Anyone got any ideas about what might be going on with this case?
  2. No that Blair pri*k would not send his progeny. The Fu***r. Harry does have cajones.
  3. I don't like the war. The world has gone mad. It is a real mess! Plus after the 'war' is over, we still got to start using roll on deodorant instead of lynx spray because the daffodils should not have been up last month. that is just wrong!
  4. He may not be. But then again he may be. Why is he 'cool'?
  5. But isn't he a trained soldier? Surely that means his purpose in life is as a soldier doing the MODs bidding? We all have our work to do.
  6. with fava beans and a nice chianti fff fff fff fff fff(sucking f sounds)
  7. Shouldn't it be up to him and his fellow soldiers to decide his fate? He is cool.
  8. That's it. F**k me. Tom Cruise must be right. The little p@@ck.!!!
  9. Thanks number 6 for that info. One can get carried away here with our humour etc.!!
  10. I feel so sorry for this woman who hopefully , at last, is getting some appropriate help. Just wondered if anyone wanted to hazard a guess at diagnosis , aetiology and prognosis?
  11. Anyone know what the fee is for a Guardianship order? Did one today and wondered if there is any money associated with it?
  12. thanks that is most helpful
  13. Does anyone have a link for a website that tells us our pay banding? would be really apreciated!
  14. but aren't parents meant to be responsible for protecting their children. It only takes a second, but i think they gave more than that, didn't they? I feel deeply sorry for the mccanns but wasn't the most responsible parenting surely. if they had wanted they could have hired a nanny or taken a baby sitter on holiday with them.? You are absolutely right. The exact circumstances under which the whole thing happened. '' little 4 yr old british girl, on holiday with her parents who are both medical doctors, gets snatched from her bed, while asleep.'' How many doctor's, MP's, lawyer's, professor's children do you know get missing in a year? And the fact that they left her alone is not so relevant as anyone with children can identify with it.You cannot watch them 24hrs a day esp in public places, all it takes is a second.