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  1. Well done Phaedrus, You have really thought about various options.I was following this post and feel I got very useful information . Thank you
  2. wetrain,Please go to the interview section of the forum where I had asked this question about foundation competencies and the reply from sands73 was reassuring.Read that.I am very poor in my computer skills otherwise I would have pasted it here.
  3. Last time when I went for the interview I was worried about that and I thought I wouldn't even be shortlisted without that.If you look at that form you have a look at that form your consultant has to say that he has witnessed you passing CV line etc.This particular form is for people who did training in the UK and now as the trainees know there is a requirement like that they can make sure somebody signs for them stating they have witnessed them doing all the medical procedures.I think for people like us who had training in India or other countries it will be difficult.Someone should make the deanery understand or may be we may have to go through BMA.Hope the deanery will be flexible with you.Please update the progress.
  4. Thanks flakjak and wetrain.I was panicking when didn't get any response.There was an advert in nhs jobs last month for ST4 which I didnt apply.By the way wetrain was there a question in the last interview about CPN integrating with social service ? what answer did you give?
  5. does any one know what was asked for mersey deanery ST4 General Adult interview? Thanks
  6. Can someone give me some clinical scenarios that could be asked please
  7. Dear friends , I have been shortlisted for northern deanery ST4 anybody got any idea how the interview could be? Could it be same questions as for the recent national recruitment?please help.
  8. Dear friends, Could some one tell me what are the questions they are asking for the ST4 General Adult /Lat interview now, after the recent national recruitment?Will there be another round of Recruitment in February???? Thanks
  9. friends, Has anybody had a request by the GP to assess for psychological distress in a person who is requesting for recanalisation after tube ligation?????????????? I have one whereGP wants to findout whether the Patient is psychologically disterssed enough to have the procedure under NHS which costs around £4000.00 private.She has had 7 children in the past all grown up and some where under SW care.She had her operation 10 years ago. She is in a relationship now and is 42 years of age. Lots of issues here. Her current level of distress her knowledge of complications and possible failure why were the children taken to care? Did she neglect them? has her circumstances changed now? Any more ideas please????????????? Do they have to be seen by a psychologist like how they do before gastric surgery for obesity???????????
  10. thanks wetrain
  11. friends, What was the most sensible answer for the first station?Did anybody tell they would call the consultant and the posiibility of the consultant doing one of the assessments???????!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. That was my point when I wrote somewhere else .When I sat outside for my turn people came out and said same questions were asked to them which were asked at some other deanery and that was my first interview and I really panicked .Unlike old PMP this was on different days.
  14. Dear friends, I have 6 years SAS experience and I am planning to go through the Article 14 route.But meanwhile fed up of Ass Specialist job and wants to take Locum consultant posts.How does it work?Do you think trusts will take people with my level of experience as consultants if the agencies reccomend me?????Is there anything like Ass Specialist Locum???????
  15. And this interview is so unfare for people like me who went for only one interview and heard other candidates coming out and saying they had the same questions that was asked before.