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  1. The problem is there is a distinction. Those of us that are old SpR's are being appraised under a different system and will not being doing the same things as the STs. Also there are important differences re research days etc so there does need to be some way of identifying that. I actually think that most ST4's will still get called SpR's by everybody anyway.
  2. Even more confusing where we work as those doing essentially same job (SpR) now called two different things, ST4 and SpR - no one gets it!
  3. If you don't know what you would bring to the post why apply? Do they have 'phone a friend?' in these interviews?
  4. Wasn't Freud the one who described the Octopus complex where you try to strangle your mother whilst having a beer with your father? - hence needing lots of hands?
  5. I'm afraid that the IRA worked absolutely in the name of religion............... Belfast (and to some extent even Glasgow) still split along religious lines......... and IRA supported openly by Catholics in USA. To say that the terrorists have nothing to do with religion is as bad as saying its all about religion. Perhaps the truth lies somewhere in between.
  6. And if they did get ST posts, will they have to relinquish them?
  7. Adverse weather conditions occur from time to time...... 9 out of the 10 hottest years in history in the last decade The worst ever hurricance season in USA 2005 The warmest day in UK history August 2005 The warmest January on record in UK 2007 The warmest April day on record in UK 2007 Wettest day in UK history in Sheffield June 2007 The 'est' weather continues, but maybe its just a random thing.................. If your head is in the sand the weather never changes.
  8. Given that every November we celebrate a terrorist plot that had the potential to kill hundreds in London but was not successful, do you think that in years to come it will be the same....??
  9. NELMHT (North East London) used to be part of the UCH rotation but there have been some changes so not sure now.
  10. The dinosaurs probably thought that too.........
  11. Yes - temperature has been varying from time immemorial, over 100 million years infact. Humans have been around for a fraction of this. Do some reading - there have been multiple 'mass extinctions' over those 100 or so million years and most associated with changes in the earths climate. Yes, the planet has been warmer, but never before with such a 'man made effect' ie greenhouse gas emmisions and never before with such a great population. In the middle ages the earth had to support less than 100 million people, now it supports over 6 billion. The ability of the Earth to self regulate its temperature is being lost, thats the problem, and we have contributed to this. An extra 3% of emmisions may be all it takes to 'flip' the climate into uncontrollable warming. The earth will continue, with or without us, it might still be our choice to be part of the surviving species.......... Instead of looking out the window to judge the state of global weather and climate please try and be a bit more scientific and do some research yourself into it..............
  12. Also everyone would do well to remember when people say 'the earth has been this warm before and also had this much CO2' that whislt that statement is true, what is missed out is 'there were no humans alive at the time' (nor was it possible for there to be....)
  13. Read 'Revenge of Gaia' by James Lovelock - all you need to know. Also paper recently published by some Nasa guys called Climate Change and Trace elements or something like that - backs up Lovelocks theories (developed in the 70's but updated since.) Essentially we have entered a 'positive feedback' phase on top of a natural earth cycle. I.e Greenhouse gas emissions have accelerated a natural process to the point where a runaway period of global heating has occured. The Nasa paper suggests sea level rises of 25 METERS (+_10m) over a period of decades. If the conservative estimate - 10 meters- is anywhere close then by 2050 you can say goodbye to most of London, not to mention swathes of Asia and costal Africa. All makes for some pretty depressing reading, especially as China is currently building one new coal fired power station a week and the Americans still won't get out of their SUV's and think that 20mpg is great going.
  14. As I understand it, if there are any positions vacant at ST4 (ie ST3's have dropped out) then it would be an open competition for ST4 as long as you could show you were eligible. Having a FTSA job would surely be looked on more favourably as you could more easily demonstrate you had achieved the competancies.
  15. As far as I know the arrangement re empoyment will not change. St's will continue to be employed by the trust but (as happened previously for SHO's/SpR's) be funded for 9-5 work by the Deanery. (out of hours will remain the cost of the trust). Research days and special interest are NOT part of ST training (unlike SpR) so are not a given and will be negotiated at a local level.