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  1. I am interested in whatsapp group for April 2017 paper B. Is it ok to add me or full . My no is 07875652861

  2. I was very surprised. Sad to hear and it seems all of a sudden.RIP
  3. Iam of understanding that if validity period is over, one has to reapet both aathe papers. Saumya I have sent you a msg previously . Waiting for a reply.
  4. Hi Saumya,

    congratulations for passing paper B in April2016. Can you tell me what all you studied? Did you go through SPMM notes thoroughly? I will appreciate if you tell me what all books you studied. Thanks.

    1. Amelia


      Just saw your post and thought that you might want to have a look at the free online question bank for Paper A and B. Just Google Halcyon Minds CASC and have a look. I used them and passed, now revising for CASC in Jan 2017.

  5. Surprised by answer 2. 1 is ok. I believe they have to say, avoid using sodium valproate/lithium in a child bearing age. If antipsychotics is there in the option ,choose antipsychotic first.
  6. Thanks
  7. I think Royal college says it all.
  8. Thanks
  9. Am interested,skype me on my skype address sunetra88
  10. what is the recurrence of mood disorder in later pregnancy in a lady who is diagnosed as bipolar disorder after recent delivery of baby? a) 1:1 b)1:2. c)1:3 d)1:4 e)1:5 This question came in April 2015. Any thoughts regarding this question.
  11. Need help, for this following question:( came in April 2015) A person with learning disability is having psychosis if he is experiencing - a) Voices from inside his head. Voices from external source C) Being anxious all the time. D) E)
  12. Clozapine is the answer, but why not Haloperidol or Zuclopenthixol? He is in acute intensive unit and high level of aggression seen.
  13. I was wondering what is the rate for NHS locum jobs for staff grade post as I am very new in this area and this is my first locum job. Can anyone comment.
  14. A 7year girl avoids eating new food.Have nausea & body weight 98 th percentile . options- feeding disorder of childhood, anorexia, bulimia , atypical eating disorder Any thoughts?
  15. What about the whatsapp group?