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  1. Hi Insaf. Having a job in psychiatry or a clinical attachment is better than having work experience in any other field. However, you could work in any medical speciality and then find an aspect related to psychiatry in that job that you could use to highlight how that enhanced your understanding of the psychiatric aspect of any medical or surgical condition. My first NHS post was in ENT before entering psychiatry training, so I was able to discuss how mental health problems co-existed in some ENT disorders, such as depression following diagnosis and treatment of head and neck cancers. All the best.
  2. Hi Yazan. Congratulations on your graduation. I did a live Facebook video on job opportunities in the UK (in the Arabic language) in which I answered questions on applying and working in the UK. If you complete the PLAB, you could apply to psychiatry jobs. Training jobs may be more difficult to get, but there are many non-training jobs across the UK. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need any further information.
  3. Thanks, Muzaffer. I posted this on my Facebook page and other pages for doctors in the Middle East. Best wishes.
  4. Hi Gloria. 1- This is a very vague scenario. I would say that you should ask the nurse many other questions before you can give advice, e.g., is the patient detained under the MHA or informal, does the patient have the capacity to refuse blood test, is the blood test for a physical illness (e.g. pulmonary embolism) or for a psychiatric illness (e.g., clozapine monitoring). Has there been a best interest meeting to discuss this issue? So I can't give an answer without knowing more information. 2- The answer again is it depends on individual cases, if the patient is 16-17 old, they may have capacity and therefore you can't disclose information to parents if they refused to give consent. However, if there is a strong reason to believe that their safety and or others are at risk, then you follow the usual procedures in disclosure of confidential information as you would do with adults. Step parent or a parent are not very important legally, the important thing is who is the NOK (next of kin), the NOK should be involved. 3- I don't know, sorry. 4- http://www.rcpsych.ac.uk/healthadvice/atozindex.aspx Best wishes,
  5. Hi Jason, thank you for your post. Do you want articles about teaching psychiatry to residents or medical students or both? I have few suggestions from my instititions Learning Doctor-Patient Communication – Evaluating the effectiveness of the communication training course at Leipzig University from the students' point of view http://www.egms.de/static/en/journals/zma/2016-33/zma001042.shtml Please also see attached full texts articles. All the best. Residents Morning Report in Psychiatry Training.pdf From board to bedside.pdf
  6. Thanks, the competition rate in psychiatry as not as high as it is in other specialties, however, there has been an increase in the number of applicants to core psychiatry training last year, but still not enough to fill all the vacancies. Therefore, I still think there is a good chance that IMGs (and especially those who will need Tier 2 visa) will be offered training posts in psychiatry, especially in remote areas (like where I work in Norfolk). All the best.
  7. Hi, welcome to this forum and all the best with your PLAB exams. To answer your questions quickly: 1) Do I need to sit my MRCPsych part A and B now? Will this give me an edge at the interview? No. You don't need to sit the exams prior to your psychiatric placement. You need to apply to a post in psychiatry first, there are many around. Once you start your placement, you can revise for your exams. 2) When I apply for trust jobs upon reaching England, shall I do Psych or non-psych jobs? If you are considering a career in psychiatry, then psychiatric jobs are preferred of course. However, doing an old age medicine post or paediatrics can help also (for CAMHS or old age psychiatry). 3) What kind of things are they looking for in my CV? I do not have any publications yet. You don't need publications, you just need to show a genuine interest in psychiatry and why you want to do it as a career. 4) Which sources do I use for MRCPsych? Do you reccomend any courses? (I've only worked one 6 month SHO posting in Psychiatry so far, that is it). There so many, starting point is the RCPsych online resources (TraineesOnline). There are resources you can find by searching this forum. All the best.
  8. Hi, please contact Sarah, she used to be the coordinator for this course. Best wishes,
  9. Thanks, that is very good work, well done, and let me know if I can help with adding some the titles of more recent films on the theme of mental illness. Best wishes,
  10. Dear Rana, welcome to this forum and all the best wishes for your exam. I suppose you can apply for jobs and see what are the chances availble. You may also apply for the national recruitment to higher training in psychiatry to see if you can get a national training number. Another option is to come to the UK on the Medical Training Inititative (MTI), please see this page for more details: www.rcpsych.ac.uk/workinpsychiatry/internationalaffairsunit/medicaltraininginitiative.aspx Best wishes,
  11. Hello, congratulations on passing your exams and becoming a member of the RCPsych. The answer is that being an MRCPsych's holder, makes you eligible for section 12 approval, provided that you attend a two days approved course. A list of these courses can be found on the RCPsych website or your local Health Education (formwerly Deanery). Best wishes,
  12. Thanks Alex, main difficulties are weak supervision in some areas, cuts in funding and resources mean that some clinical teams are constantly fire fighting and don't have time to spend on training, supervision and study leave. But as I said, the overall feeling of the trainees is that despite these difficulties, the Trust and the region still offer many opportunities. I look forward to see you in August.
  13. Thanks Amit, there are some website dedicated to this topic, these are just examples: http://www.priory.com/psych/psycinema.htm http://filmstudiesforfree.blogspot.co.uk/2009/09/psychiatry-psychoanalysis-and.html https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/fulfillment-any-age/201201/psychologys-best-movies I also uploaded some video clips to a playlist entitled (psychiatry in films) on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKJSS7yR1psqVlwuXY3DVQeDpp_6ibBYP I think if you can present something new in your website, you will be able to attract attention to it. Best wishes,
  14. Hi. Although my Trust is under special measures following failing CQC inspection earlier this year, I still highly recommend the training in East of England (Norfolk and Suffolk). I completed my core training here and I am now completing my higher training in the same area. There are lots of difficulties in training and working conditions, but the Medical Director, Core Programme Director and other consultants are very supportive. The MRCPsych teaching is done in Cambridge (no local MRCPsych teaching), but we have weekly postgraduate teachings which are good. You will also have links to the local university (University of East Anglia) which is one of the top 10 in the country. So, in short, in my biased view, you should come here. Best wishes,
  15. Dear colleague, I presented two seminars on using films to teach psychiatry, here are the links to these presentations: http://www.slideshare.net/yasirmhm/i-saw-it-in-the-movies-using-films-in-education-and-training-in-eating-disorders http://www.slideshare.net/yasirmhm/psychiatry-in-films I find this a very interesting topic, and there are many studies about its effectiveness in learning. The College has a blog on films and psychiatry and this is a good starting point for anyone interested in this topic. Best wishes,