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  1. I come under the remits of the Judicial review: i had incurred 5 points via court for over speeding on a motor way After consultation with a lawyer i was told that if i apply my application will be rejected straightaway! i was alos told that the judicial review does not cover the criminality bit I am hence instructing an immigration solicitor!!!! so do ur research guys, i am probably one of the few that gets affected by the new changes!
  2. go to the Home office has recomended immigration adviosrs based on regions
  3. I have got 5 points from the driving offence given to me in court, they will be taken off in Nov this year. will it affect my ILR application i also come within the remits of judicial review, does the criminality clause apply on me as well?
  4. Do fixed penalty points count towards unspent convictions and what if it has gone to court before decision is made about fixed penalty points!!!! will it count towards a criminal conviction???? so many unanswered questions? i am amazed that the forum is quiet abt it!!!
  5. What is meant by criminality? does it mean offence or criminal offence The criminality description has gone missing off the UKBA site it appeared briefly after 06/04/2011 but is nowhere to be found on the website Criminality is one of the most import clause i the new rules just one unspent conviction and it might disqualify a person for applying for ILR Read about rehabilitation offenders act of 1974, learn about unspent convictions Poor all the info you can on this thread, help each other
  6. its worth comparing
  7. What is the passing rate of PACES and the clinical MRCS exam?
  8. but doomed if it is lesser than 33
  9. Well, this is the most subjective Objective Exam 33% - College lucky number probably - they need to reconsult the numerologist, the college might get a new lucky number and we all hope its bigger than '33'
  10. thanx
  11. Watch Unstoppable!!! Exhilarating!!
  12. Finally passed!! 2nd attempt and not a caucasian!!!
  13. cutoff point is 61%
  14. my fav weather person is Reham KHAN on BBC south
  15. i scored 73.10%