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  1. unlike NY i don't see any end to the paperwork here but I am enjoying the experience so far. Its been 5 months in Melbourne and I feel I have gained a lot more than last 1-2 years in UK.
  2. i think spirituality is a commonly held belief system which is ego-syntonic and can serve the purpose of helping one to have more self-esteem and peace. Particularly when some of the symptoms of their mental illness are really bizarre and they have partial insight. Spiritual explanation of symptoms is different from spirituality.
  3. wont it be better to monitor the LFTs at regular intervals. I am not sure how unwell the patient is to require treatment with mood stabilizer. I have seen patients who have mild rise in ALT/APT but no other LFTs within normal limits. They are able to continue this for long term without any further deterioration.
  4. sources of referral? adherence with appointments etc.
  5. you are ST4 on-call. CT1 calls u saying staff observed a manic patient walking out of female patient's room with pants half undone. staff tells the patient has been sexually disinhibited. how u proceed?
  6. which thread?
  7. how do you know all this AUSTIN POWERS?
  8. Has anyone recieved Forensic ST4 offer this week?
  9. This is what london deanery's application form wants if you want to move into ST4 GRADE. Does it mean that one would still need visa to cover atleast one six months job? wat about those who are due to extend their visa? '***Important information*** It is essential that all applicants read this page. Dear Applicant, Thank you for your interest in this training programme. The application form is enclosed. It is essential that you give careful thought to your answers and complete each section accurately. Please note that you may be asked to provide evidence to support the statements you have made in any part of your form. Please pay particular attention to the following and complete the corresponding sections in the application form as appropriate: Visa status - International Medical Graduates On 7 March 2006 the Home Office announced changes to the immigration rules which have an affect on Postgraduate Doctors and Dentists and which we must take into account during our current recruitment activity. From 7 March we have to recruit doctors and dentists from the UK and the EEA before we recruit migrant doctors and dentists from outside EEA countries However, if there are posts available on any of the London Deanery Training Programmes and no doctor or dentist with permanent residence in this country is able to take up the post, fully trained international medical graduates with the appropriate qualifications may also be considered for appointment. (Please see A Points-based System: Making Migration Work for Britain, pages 1 and 8) If your current status falls under any of the following categories: Highly Skilled Migrant Programme, Permit Free Training, or Refugee and this status is currently valid and remains valid for either a single, fixed term training slot or for a full, type 1 training programme involving several slots, your application will be considered. The above statements represent our current understanding of the affects of the changes. For further information regarding the new immigration strategy please contact the Home Office's Immigration and Nationality Enquiry Bureau on telephone: 0870 606 7766 or by e-mail:
  10. yup... today... informally....
  11. Just Offered ST3 eastern run through via email....... declined it in 2 hours as already accepted london runthrough.......
  12. its the end of initial offers........................................ :-/
  13. this poll has had very interesting result.. half of london ST3 offers have been outside london... There may be many offers after 10th june...
  14. would be interesting.............