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  1. My friend, It must have been very stressful period and I hope everything will be fine. When they refuse your application, you will have the right to appeal against their decision .I don’t remember exact number of days but sure this is not less than 21 days. Until then you the right to stay in this country and do whatever you want. You have applied again and I am sure they have accepted the application form by this time and your immigration status remains as that of previous one ie. Tier 1/HSMP. You can always go to the tribunal if they refuse your application now and I am sure home office is well aware of the fact and would not waste their time as well as yours. Good luck.
  2. If this is true, it is real arrogance. It is unfair to act in secrecy. Anything should be made public so that it should be guidance for all, including those who are thinking of psychiatry for the future. It is propaganda to recruit people to staffgrade post. This shows another ugly face of RCPsych
  3. I guess you are College treasurer in disguise, to motivate candidates to take exam ( and then keep taking more).
  4. learned helplessness
  5. This is another attempt by the college to humiliate failed candidates. Most of the trainer and consultants had no ideas of about how CASC station was dpne. By watching these two videos, they must now think very bad of failed candidates. I bet that more than 90 % of failed candidates have performed better than the one posted on the website. This is another conspiracy by the college. My sincere advice to advice to IMGs; FORGET ROYAL COLLEGE EXAM, YOU SPEND YOUR TIME AND MONEY ON SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE. THIS EXAM TAKE YOU NO WHERE
  6. If you passed Part I MRCPsych in Oct/Nov 2007, you still have one more chance either pass or to fail, depending on your ethenicity ( i hope you get the message).
  7. Final song: We like go towards East only for holidays, but shift more towards West
  8. it is very sorry state and fate that we are all fighting for fairness in 21st Century. Everybody is aware but turned blind eye for so long. Some consultant intentionally because it suits them (they are crap anyway and have cleared this hurdle alreadyy) some have have no knowledge what this CASC about. The kind of candidates passing and failing this exam is really shocking. It is all because of vested interest of few big heads at the top position. I have realised that it is better we get lost than fighting for fairness and I am sure this will not stop even if they rectify this unfairness. This has been going for a long time, first VISA, then MTAS and latest CASC. This list will go on and on, we die one day while fighting for something else. I am not pessimistic but I would rather spend my energy in exploring something new in a new country rather fighting this system which has given us little. However I support the above cause and wish all the best for those who still believe things can be set right and this will be their last battle.
  9. It does not matter what you wear or how you perform but how you look might of of important. Reading trough previous threads, it appears it favors most if you belong to certain group of trainees and it does not help if you belong to certain section of candidate. I hope you understand, I am sorry I can’t write more explicitly. What I can say for sure is that this is very subjective exam and they test your communication. I don’t trust what ever they say because I burnt my finger 4 times, missing with very narrow margin every time. I suspect something else going on but not sure what . I am fed up and now planning USMLE. It is hard but at least fair and you can atleast see the light at the end of the tunnel. Some may laugh but I am sure I will have the last laugh.
  10. google it old rum in new bottle
  11. Ladies and gentleman After working in the UK for previous six years and taking several exams( for every six month) in last year ( 2 X Part 1 MRCPsych, 1 X Part 2 MRCPsycyh, 2X paper 3 and 4 X CASC ), I am bit disillusioned with this system, especially with CASC. I am very surprised with differences in pass rate among British trainee and IMG’s escpaiily from Asian background. I am not convicsed communication skill is sooooooooooooooooooooooo important but I agree it is important. We are stuck in catch 22 situations. I know people failed 6 times, disqualified because their Part 1 MRCpsych is no longer valid. Last year people have applied for paper 3 before CASC results are out (candidates anticipated that they are going to fail anyway or they did not bother 500 pounds go waste if they passed). This shows their confidence level . I believe most of these doctors are from very good academic background in their respective countries but now struggling here. Most of these doctors still working and praised as very efficient where ever they work and it is surprising these things are not taken into consideration at all and this is really depressing and concerning. Most of the consultant express concern but the struggle goes on and get more difficult ( last couple of years). I still have not understood who make these rule and regulation for college and if they are psychiatrist, why are so against doctors from Asian background in the name of communication skill and empathy. On the contrary, some are going to India these days to recruit doctors to vacant post. I am bit puzzled if these consultant and medical staff are not aware of the factor that The Royal College of Psychiatrist have concluded that majority of the doctors of the doctors from Indian background ( at least those who are in psychiatrist, appearing for CASC) lack empathy and communication skill. Can somebody suggest study design to understand why this has been happening. What people think we and Royal College should do ? Will it be okay to ask Royal college the statistic, i.e. passing and failing, number of attempt.I would also need advice about any legal implication We can concentrate on these areas 1635 days times validity of written papers Retrospective and frequent change in examination rules and regulation Sponsorship forms and its difficulties Difficulty in getting sponsorship if you are not in training post Poor pass rate for doctor qualified in Asia Quality of feedback on examination result Vague comment about lack of sympathy & sensitivity Still these doctors are recruited, directly from this doctor Can people think and advise me. Any work already being done. If so I don’t have to waste my time. This is also helpful for people who want to come and work here
  12. where we can get more information about the legal challenge and what is being done so far. Sorry I dont know if I am being ignormant, sorry if so
  13. Not at all. There are no significant improvements in psychiatry. If you know 10 medications, you could become a psychiatrist. Even the consultants have to check the doses of very commonly used medications with BNF very often. Many consultants don't know the diagnosis criteria for most of the mental disorders. To be honest, in psychiatry we don't even know the casuation of most of the disorders. That's why we have to use "We don't know the exact cause of the condition etc...." We even don't know the exact mechanism how some treatment works e.g. ECT. My dear frined we need to be very careful. We are displacing our anger towards Royal College of psychiatrists on to psychiatry. We have to be proud to be psychiatrist and oppose bullying tactics of college in the name of rules and regulation. There are several procedures in place to force somebody to in be line with the current practice and evidences. It is not necessary to make some half qualification or passed paper invalid. We need to fight these baseless regulations but not to degrade our own speciality
  14. I suppose you are in training or substantiate staff grade post however you are still paid. I hope you are not doing charity work for NHS. Everyone is after money but some settling with less and they rationalise it by saying they are satisfied. In terms of experiences, it is all same, donkeys work. Of course you have opportunities to go off sick (when you think of shopping), courses ( when work get busy), compassionate leave, most important of all, you can dream about pension ( does not guarantee)
  15. Read your previous comment carefully. It is derogatory and inhuman. It is worst than being a racist. You have jumped to a conclusion about so many people who have been suffering. I don’t agree that my comment has any racial flavor in it but if you think so, it is your problem. My question was straightforward. It is understandable to every one how fair this exam is. Of course few don’t but this is deliberate than accident. I have no objection if you are proud to be a British psychiatric trainee. In fact it is real shame if you are not. Please do not forget we are also proud of what we are and we will fight till the end.