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  1. Those factors[Culture, race] ''only'' dont make you a person. You become a complete person only by who you are and what your qualities are. this is my view anyways.
  2. SagirParkar wrote: i agree completely on that as i have often given similar views... it is a disgusting state of affairs.. and i dont think it is limited only to the subcontinent.. whats shameful is that it is so rife that people dont do anything to promote a feeling of unity.. instead the politicians use the division in the society to further propagate such hatred... Thanks Sagir Just one more thing to add this is all about accident of birth. To me, culture , nationality , race, religious superiority is nothing to be proud of nor is it anything to be ashamed of…because you did not earn it, work for it or choose…it just happened to you…you can only really have pride or shame in who and what you are.
  3. not sure if many have heard about her. Moving account of her life. Brave woman. The world needs more women like her. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malalai_Joya
  4. This division is so much based on Human Ego isnt it. Ask an Indian Hindu- He will tell you that many things including zero and a lot of things originated from India. Chinese and Muslims will stake claim to a lot of inventions. Each civilization will claim superiority over the other. It is something we commonly hear . This can partly explain racial superiority as all of us are Pseudo Stake claimers inspite of our ancients doing all the hard work for recognition. Religious divisions seem to dominate at present. A devout Hindu will tell you that Hinduism or Sanathana Dharma is the true faith. A Muslim will tell you that it is the religion with the largest following and it is the ultimate truth. Christians will stake a similar claim. Buddhists and the rest will have their own arguments . What we do see around us is this constant division which can create a '' ghetto'' mentality which is dangerous. The situation will improve only when domination stops either by religions or by man himself, based on other differences.
  5. Shahrukh and Salman have come in defence of the Emran Hashmi affair but whatever they say, it is wrong to deny anyone anything on the basis of religion , colour etc. Just came across this interesting piece of news. Rich people like Emran Hashmi can air their views but what about these souls. BTW, it is not an allegation towards any country. This is just a news clip that I wanted to share , thats all. http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5jDb_MJz1cDxpe92OiodD9lSo9c_A
  6. Thanks for your info Sands . very helpful.
  7. The PC brigade in India will be offended if he is called a '' terrorist'' bcos the term may be offensive. The jokers in the parliament will be having a heated discussion as to how to address people like Kasab -- Something in the lines of '' Temporary Gunner'' or something stupid to downplay whatever he has done. More than this F****r [ Please feel free to include a list of all his relatives as a prefix] being hanged , it is very important to prevent such atrocities again otherwise our great republic might become lawless .
  8. F.S Thanks for your reply. I will try to contact them
  9. I would be grateful for some clarification regarding this issue. I had HSMP stamped on my passport in December 05 which makes me eligible for ILR in December 09. Unfortunately, I have been out of the country for 185 days since December 2005. I need to go out of the country for 10 days before December making it a total of almost 200 days. Will I be eligible for ILR with 200 days absence or should I wait for an extra year. Thanks
  10. Thanks Dorian
  11. Gosh Noc, tis all so confusing.
  12. Dorian , can you send the link for Thase and Rush criteria please.
  13. This thread has not been locked as expected. As a group, we have engaged in some controversial debates but maintaining good net etiquette and civility. WE should be proud of each other. Group hug. :silly:
  14. If two consenting adults want to have a relationship, what if?. I don't see anything wrong with that. It is a sexual preference at the end of the day. they like their own sex - end of ------. I am proud of my country to have made this judgment in the midst of criticism from all major religious groups.
  15. R u sure P