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  1. this is very interesting proposal. I knew about not getting paid for assessments during 9-5, but never heard of not getting paid out of hours....! what is next?
  2. good luck with it! luck is something that you need in research and since most of the rest is covered in the posts above, let me wish you this!
  3. Half day for each= one day
  4. Thanks...looks interesting.
  5. i got the iphone today... on the usual 18month 45 pounds contract impressed so far... was wondering which is the best case people have been using?
  6. good luck!
  7. It depends on the presenting complaint e.g. if they are feeling suicidal without any other problem I would see them, however if in the presenting complaint there is anything to suggest a potentially medical cause e.g. agitation/confusion/disorientation I will make sure that they are seen by the A&E SHO first. [highlight]We can definitely save lives by not accepting medically unwell patients[/highlight]. very well said!
  8. I think I agree with all your points, however, sometimes there is some mileage in seeing the patient sooner rather than later...!
  9. you now need to post your view on it as well.... happy reading and more importantly good luck!
  10. I would see in terms of building good relationship with A&E (always useful), if I was not too busy, if from the referral it appeared clear that the patient is for us and does not need medical clearance... also I would not wish this to be a frequent thing...! one (or two) off ok, but not all of them....! what did you do in the end?
  11. missed it what was it about? your 15 mins of fame I guess! anyone managed to watch this?
  12. :lol: gosh I would not like this piece to be my 15mins of fame....
  13. good luck you may wish to have a look at a decent book as well... check with your supervisor about this, though I am sure there have been threads about this before...
  14. it is out already, but only without any you need to fork a bit more than £500 to get it... :o :o
  15. definately worth it... I would try to negotiate that you need to do that without missing out from special interest or research, so try to get this experience under your belt, without having to make a compromise good luck!