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  1. Recently one of my friends emailed HO about this. He got the reply stating that u cant be more than 6 months (in total) out of this country in a 5 yr period for ILR, and not more than 3 months as a continuous period in one go. The best thing would be for you also to email HO, detailing your plan and you will get the reply in 2-3 working days.
  2. Anybody on HSMP might be aware that HSMP forum is in the process of filing a JR against the ILR change from 4 to 5 yrs. retrospectively. Now the High Court has granted them permission to file the JR which is an achievement in itself. They need funds for this now. This is a golden oppurtunity for any HSMPian to contribute to this cause. This may deter the politicians from moving the goal post further in future as there is every likelihood of that happening in view of the upcoming Immigration and citizenship Bill.
  3. I think one should confirm what are the 'exclusions' when one decides about a particular defence union. Although MPS might be cheaper, it might have certain exclusions which, in the event if you need help, they might say that we dont cover this. So try to compare what they donot cover.
  4. Psychiatry will solve its own problem of shortage of doctors by employing more Noctors (Dr Nurses - nurse consultants), mental health practitioners, ACs, AMPHs, RCs, crisis team practitioners etc, etc, - there is no need for doctors - New ways of working, etc. etc.
  5. AIT - Appeals and Immigration Tribunal The doctor who was refused ILR after 4 yrs, has won human rights appeal in AIT a few days ago. Is there on the HSMP Forum. &nbsp:lol:ont know whether HO will grant him ILR now on the basis of this ruling.
  6. Every HSMP mirgrant worries about ILR issue including myself. I was a bit disappointed from the last letter as HSMP forum seems to have taken a step back by asking for 'free extension'for one more year. They should have been firm and request nothing but reverting the rules back ! Another JR, great but how long it will take?? Almost 3 years have gone since the rules were announced. If it will take a year for the JR and another year for the HO to come up with regulations to apply this JR then it is not worth it. The whole issue is frustrating ! Our presence in this country is frustrating as we are fighting for nothing ! What is after ILR? Does anybody know?? The new citizenship rules will be discussed this November. No body knows what will happen. Even if we are British citizens, we will still be discriminated in lots of things and we will still feel unwanted and rejected in a government which consider tightening immigration rules one of its achievements and at the same time allow thousands of Asylum seekers and terrorists to get all the benefits from taxpayer's money Good Luck HSMP forum Two Judicial Reviews have been filed and won in the last 2years - one by BAPIO and other by HSMP Forum in a foreign land. It is a great success story in a very short span of time. The last JR was actually to prove that retrospective implementation was unlawful and it was as proved by the 'win'. Had JRs not been there, majority of HSMP doctors would have been out of this country already with one ruling of DOH last year before MMC applications. Only with JRs, the DOH calculation was disturbed. I dont understand where this frustration is coming from.
  7. probably NY does not have to worry about ILR. For those who have to worry, HSMP forum is going ahead with the plan of JR for ILR. Kudos to them for having the courage to have another fight with HO
  8. Dear Tabula Has your deanery given this to you in writing for ST5 ? Which is your deanery? Thanks
  9. Can you please explain how would it compromise original CCT if you spend 1 yr in a subspecialty ? Thanks.
  10. Dear ciims Can you expand on when you say ' persons with CCT having more oppurtunities '. Thanks.
  11. It is there as one of the threads on HSMP Forum, although not on their home page yet. Probably they would put there after making a decision about what to do next, after having discussions with their barristers.
  12. Yes. This is the HO response to the 30th July letter.
  13. The HO has decided to persist with their plan of ILR to 5 yrs. I mean, not to grant in 4yrs for people who were in the 1 plus 3 category. They have said that they are ready for any kind of legal challenge for this. The HSMP forum's barristers would be studying the HO response later on as they are on leave until 1st September. There seems to be clear view on the HSMP forum for another JR for the ILR Rule. I think JR for this issue is quite important as well because people now are not getting assurances about when actually anybody would be able to get ILR as the extension letters are stating that you would be eligible for the ILR according to 'the then criteria' which means there is every likelihood of goal posting changing then from 5 to 8 or x no. of years. So I think for anybody in this limbo, it is not a time to sit back and relax in the false sense of security after getting stamped for 5yrs. It is quite important to support HSMP forum financially as well as morally as most of HSMPians would be doctors and that too of Indian Origin. Join that forum as well and participate actively as the HO is just trying to wear it out.
  14. At the end of the day, it is a question of what you can get out of the post whether ST4 or SpR. I have seen colleagues, just because they are SpRs just slog, do nothing even for the routine clinical work and not realising psychiatry as a specialty where the risk of getting deskilled is very high if you dont use your communication skills with patients, families and staff day in and day out whether you are an ST4, SpR etc. Use it or lose it definitely applies here. Regarding research, it is your individual aptitude for it, people can get published even when they are SHOs in busy training rotations and not published even when they are SpRs with special days set for everything. I think, for this you have to pretty flexible and not 9-5 sort of person and also not bothered about hierarchy eg Oh I am this, so I cant do that etc. etc. Anything that leads to a CCT should be okay if one is ambitious of one.
  15. That is absolutely correct. But unfortunately there is a bunch of consultants who defend NWW very aggressively. Not even the older lot but even the younger ones as well. They would brush aside this criticism by saying - oh, there is no need to feel unnecessarily threatened. Really difficult to predict the future of psychiatry/psychiatrists. It is again the poor psychiatric patient which would be the victim of all this economic politics.