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  1. critical appraisal is still part of paper 3 and the questions will take the form of mcqs and/or emis
  2. I think the MCQs will be harder than the previous format of True or False. One will need to study more. Previously you had a 50% chance of getting the MCQ right but now the chance is only 20% as it is Best of Five. The topics will remain the same though.
  3. Non-training grade for psychiatry.
  4. I think they want to rig the previous results. They want to see faces of people they should offer jobs to. Very suspicious. Rules of the game have changed numerous times while the game is on.
  5. Congrats Dori and happy parenthood. The advice given by others is very helpful. Nappies do cost so much, so if you can get a discount it helps a lot. I am buying nappies for a second time now. Keep well and be nappy happy!
  6. They have lost the case and have even ruled out the possibility of appealing against the ruling. Maybe it's time fate took over. Whether one gets a job or not, let them know so that life can continue. People need to decide and replan their lives depending on the job status. Further delays will surely not ease the pain.
  7. Thanks Elton Rd. No response from them yet.
  8. I just received an e-mail from the London Deanery to send 2 copies of my Royal College Registration for the ST3 interview I had in March. I don't know what documents they are looking for. I had already given copies of my Part 1 pass letter. Has anybody received similar e-mail? Are they confusing for ST4 who are actually members of the RCPsych? I have sent back an e-mail asking them exactly what they want me to provide.
  9. Well done guys for making up in this nice fashion. That's being civilised. Good luck to all.
  10. Congratulations to all that passed. For those that did not pass, hard luck but there is next time. Good luck next time. Congratulations to my dear brother Kamran, well done!
  11. I don't understand this, should people hold jobs in Scotland so that if they get an offer elsewhere they reject Scotland offer to be available to those that put Scotland as first choice? I thought the rejected offer would be made available to the next high scoring candidate whether 1st choice or not. At least that's how I understand communication from Scotland UoA.
  12. Certainly abused in a number of cases. I attended a certain church in Germany a few years ago. The preacher said you could not get into the Kingdom of Heaven unless you spoke in tongues. He was even willing to teach people how to speak in tongues. I read the Bible, and I felt that speaking in tongues is a gift and nobody could teach you how to do it. Personally I find that the difference between speaking in tongues and trance state is very small. There is also speaking in tongues for commercial purposes, where preachers will demand money in the same preaching.
  13. I'm happy it is not Chelsea again. Congrats to Sir Alex. Sunderland has achieved wonders thanks to Roy Keane. What do you expect, he is just following in the footsteps of Sir Alex, his former manager. Anybody watching snooker finals?
  14. MTAS says that the website is unavailable due to planned essential maintenance work. Are they going to say the truth or what? So this was planned and has nothing to do with media reports of lack of security? MTAS is not lying but saying untruths.