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  1. Introduce yourself to all the AMPHs that cover the on-call, tell them you're always available to be a second doc, make sure they have your no., then never turn them down when they ring at 2am! If you want experience, let the 1st doc (consultant or higher trainee) know. I'd be overjoyed if someone else did the brunt of the assessment and I just had to ask a few clarifying things at the end. Ask nicely, and you could get a WPBA out of it in exchange...
  2. Ok- here's my twopennyworth. I spent a long time in flexible training (since 2000) and became a consultant in Aug 2014. Unless you have to earn the extra money that being a consultant brings (talking NHS posts here) eg to support a family, the choice boils down to this. How much do you just want to see patients and sort them, vs how much do you want to influence/ have a say in the organisation you work for? If the former, don't bother with a consultant post. You do see patients, but a lot more is expected from you. If you can't bear anyone telling you what to do for a minute longer, go for a consultant post!
  3. It can go either way. Some people seem to get more blockade effects, some people seem to get more agonist effects. Research results ie nice and bnf give us some info, but in the end, it's an N=1 trial. I tell my patients they have to suck it and see. The list of side-effects is twice as long, and contradictory, (insomnia and somnolence) but they won't get all- or even half- of them.
  4. A long long time ago, when the world was young, before I was married (OK- about 1992) I travelled down from Sheffield to London where J (aka D/H) was working on a Friday night... he was expecting me to come down on Saturday lunchtime because he was PRHO equivalent on-call for medicine (with no SHO) on Friday night so we'd decided it wasn't worth me coming down as it would be so busy for him (in the days before EWTD when people sometimes did on-call from 9am Friday to 5pm Monday with no protected rest and that was NORMAL!!!!). I turned up on Valentines Day- Friday evening- at Farnborough hospital switchboard and got them to bleep him...they told him there was someone to see him and he was expecting a demanding relative... comes down the corridor and around the corner to see yours truly with a rose, 15 hrs earlier than expected...Happy Bunny +++ Still something he remembers fondly now, nearly 20 years later....ahhhh. Crazy?- perhaps not, although I did have to spend a cold night in a single on call bed with a partner hopping in an out with the crash bleep...
  5. Ahh, Slarti and the elephants...projection or reaction formation?
  6. I don't know of anyone who suggests that psychoanalytic psychotherapy is a treatment of choice for psychosis. I mentioned CBT in connection with psychosis. In my opinion, its strength lies in the treatment of complex cases of (often treatment resistant) depression, anxiety, somatoform disorders, especially complicated by personality disorder or multiple co-morbidities.
  7. Might I suggest that the perceived lack of evidence for psychotherapies might just as well be aimed at papers taking 6 week follow-up measures to be evidence for effectiveness of psychoactive drugs? And both might have something to do with the interests of the pharmaceutical industry.... There's loads of good evidence for CBT and family interventions in SCZ which was why they were included in the NICE guidelines. The problem with evidence for more analytic psychotherapies is the length of treatment and the relative difficulty of recruiting enough people(one person can start half a dozen people on an antidepressant in 3 hours in clinic every week, but you can only start 3 patients on psychoanalytic psychotherapy in the same amount of time, and that is that therapist's session taken up for a year or so). Also, psychotherapists have not traditionally come from an evidence-based kind of background and it takes a while for the ethos to change. The evidence base is growing slowly.
  8. I changed my mind in the end.Becaue I'm part time, I only have a half day a week for special interest and research and it got crowded out by other stuff. (Did a lot of psychotherapy in the end).
  9. Ask pharmacy! We can't know everything...
  10. I saw X factor for the first time ever a couple of weeks ago- dunno why I've not got into it cos I like singing- rejoined a choir in Jan for the first time in years. I suppose I could try harder now strictly's only on Saturdays. That's this weekend sorted out then!
  11. Ha! I am so getting a job there...Could earn a fortune from you guys. I've spent the weekend watching my son and his mates (it's his 15th birthday on Monday so he had his mates overnight) all logged on to their laptops playing halo 2 and assassin's creed continuously...they didn't even stop to eat, just carried on shooting one-handed...
  12. Eu! I'm so impressed with you keeping the faith! Really glad Craig finally got kicked off yesterday- shame he didn't go last week instead of Zoe. I can't believe I'm still supporting cricket players on this programme.....
  13. Lord, Slarti! I checked this thread out because I wondered what a repipe was...thought it was a DIY thread (although a batchelor repipe from the slarti keyboard...could have a completely different meaning ) Cut chicken breast up into small chunks and stir fry with one of those packets of mangetout and baby sweetcorn, thai green curry sauce in a jar and bobs your uncle
  14. Fair enough Kreely- you are absolutely right! It is nice to see familiar names even if the old avatars have disappeared. Must go and find a new one of Meg!
  15. SagirParkar wrote: Too true, Sag! I know I'm not the girliest of girls, but even so I'm not sure I'd appreciate being called Hulk!!! Perhaps in the interests of gender equality we should alternate the superhero names with disney princesses????