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  1. To answer your questions. There are no on call committments with these jobs. The competition is varied depending upon the specialty, time of the vacancy. The last date for application is Thursday 26/6/08 , 2pm. Interview dates: Learning Disability:15/7/08 In patient post: 16/7/08. Memory Team: 21/8/08 Substance Misuse: TBC PM me for more information.
  2. There are 4 vacancies for speciality doctors in Barnsley at the moment. 1.Substance Misuse. 2.Learning Disability. 3.Memory Team. 4.Inpatient services. Please pm me for more details.
  3. Dear all, There is a vacancy for a specialty doctor post in substance misuse in Barnsley.PM me for details.
  4. It was indeed a good programme as it showed the problems faced by the patients. I was amused about the psychologist statement 'She is making good progress.Previously she wanted to harm herself but now she wants to harm others--this is progress'It was only after the narrator asked him if it was progress then the psychologist laughed.I guess he understaood what a mistake he has made. I was unhappy to see the psychiatrist telling that he would hack the door and section etc He should have been more subtel in his answering.I felt that he was quite harsh in his manner in answering questions. I feel sorry for the doctor who had to lie to get back into her job.I think that we as doctors should be more supportive to our colleagues who have/had a mental illness.
  5. Dear friends, There are a few vacancies at Staff Grade level in Barnsley (South Yorks).Please pm me if anyone is interested.
  6. who is this Deepika?
  7. do you know about these special circumstances?
  8. its a non training post.would suit someone who has not found a job due to MTAS.Our SHO has left the job as he found a job in another trust. I am not writing on behalf of any agency.Payment would be as per NHS terms.
  9. Hi everyone, there is a locum sho trust grade job available-no on start early next week!please pm me if interested.
  10. Hi everyone, Hi.what do people think about the nww model of just having inpatient consultants as opposed to previously when consultants did both inaptient as well as outpatient(community) work? are there any good references talking about integrated care pathways for acute psychiatric care? cheers
  11. Hey Chesterfield starters, did you get info about inductions etc?
  12. anyone st4 who is joining in chesterfield?
  13. anyone who is starting in sheffield --ST4?
  14. so when do you all start in chesterfield in august?have you got the dates for the induction etc?
  15. so are you pratish and shailesh from mumbai? did you guys do pg there?which college?