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  1. Hi Katchi Was just reading your post from last year. How are the opportunties for Old Age psychiatry Consultants from the Uk Do you have to do further exams when you get there again. Also how about education for children.Is it better than the UK
  2. is anybody willing to give feedback for the interviews
  3. Is anybody interested in ST4 practice on skype.Please reply to me
  4. Hi Rose i am interested but am doin OA
  5. Hi everyone Just wondering if anybody had any suggestions or link to resources to help with systematic review of literature
  6. Hi Paul I am in the same dilemna as there any chance you could give me advise on this
  7. Just wanted to get people"s views on the future of old age training as an spr and then goin on to be a consultant. Is it still worth considering it for higher training I would appreciate your feedbackIs
  8. I wanted to apply for one what is the process
  9. Hi everybody Can any body shed some light into the quality of CAMHS St4 training in either northern/east midlands deanery. I have been given a choice from the clearing process but have not worked in the above places and have no friends there either. I will be grateful for your comments
  10. Hey Rachel Thank you for your thoughtful comments of the interview.Could you feedback about the leadership skills/committment to speciality and the portfolio stations. Were you asked about recent changes in mental health/Francis report etc Your comments will be really appreciated
  11. anybody interested in CAMHS preparation
  12. st4 interviews are out and am sure many are anybody interested in practicing on skype
  13. Thanks Dkk I think just focus on the important topics rather than reading extensively as I found spmm too much to be honest. I just focussed on the high yield and tried to get my head round basics. For clinical topics,extensive reading is required Hope this helps
  14. looking for a study partner in leeds bradford let me know if anybody is interested
  15. Dont worry dkk ur day will come I passed and the way I approached this paper was to focus on important bits of stats rather than the whole of spmm online and read around clinical topics Hope this helps All the best