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  1. Thanks @Drachma21 This is a good thread ,money matters is always great . Please could you kindly say a bit more about the brand institute surveys and links to getting on to them. As I use my mobile internet that often I might as well get some money for it.(smile)
  2. this thread might be more useful for you. All the best
  3. Though I did not have the pleasure of meeting you ,but your ingenious vision and self less act in putting a forum like this together is deeply appreciated. Thank you for your hard work. I pray for super strength and comfort for your family, friends, colleagues and community at this time. My Heart felt condolences to all psych club users.I do hope there is a sort of power hierarchy to be able to continue this forum.Any thoughts on contributions or tokens for his family or to support any of his charity /causes in his honour ??? Just a thought.....
  4. Congratulations, That is Hong Kong Casc right? Well done!
  5. It is results day today isn't it? All the best.
  6. Doctor-Good looking, strong, energetic, humorous,can work for a long time before getting tired I hope I have your attention at the first line..... I know the thread is almost a year old but I was hoping I could get an answer. There is a saying that: The man who asks a question is a fool for a minute, the man who does not ask is a fool for life. I am considering my first locum job and i will like some directions from anyone who is currently doing psychiatry locums. I have 10yrs post primary medical qualification. 5yrs experience in psychiatry of which 3 was as a core trainee. Passed all written and exams and CASC so effectively a member(Mrpsych) Experience-Rich and varied from GA, OA,LD, Forensic, CAMHS, Rehab, PICU ,etc the whole gamut Question- What is my job title in locum term village ?(specialty Dr or ?) Question 2- What are the hourly rates lowest to highest(range) I should consider reasonable bear it in my mind that I am good looking, strong, energetic.....etc. Please PM me the rates if preferred though I think many might be in similar situation and need to know this too. Also I need to pay loans and buy a Ferrari . Thanks in advance.
  7. MBBS .....and now Mrcpsych  :D  

    I serve a God that can crack a palm kernel with an egg just to disgrace the stone.

    John Chapter 7:38 He who believes in Me [who adheres to, trusts in, and relies on Me], as the Scripture has said, ‘From his innermost being will flow continually rivers of living water.’”

    GOD DID IT!!!!


  8. @Afterlife you deserve an OBE (or at least MBE) award. Thanks for helping again and again and congrats on your success.
  9. Contender Ready!

    Gladiator Ready!!

    Graftedgrape Ready!!!

    Second Touch :Mark 8:22-25

  10. Some features seems to be missing or became not as "sharp" as they used to be -Search used to be quite sensitive with lots of related returns that comes in colored highlights.This feature seems to be not as smart as it used to be.I particularly found this useful to look up themes for CASC stations -Liked posts ....cant find this any more on my profile -followed posts...... I have fewer numbers of this on my profile ,i use this to keep track of topics i am interested in. @Gurpal are you able to kindly help with this? Thanks in advance.
  11. ......and remember in between patients,before and after patients etc as seen on the numerous infection control posters so it makes sense to use gel before and after examination i think.
  12. RE-Hand washing the alcohol gel is to be used.There is no actual sink in the cubicle.
  13. Important: Changes to MRCPsych CASC Standard Setting Criteria Check your email for details of changes effective from Sept 2015 CASC
  14. Hi if it is not too late .pls could you add me to the grp?I can join in on the skype .Thx
  15. Hi if it is not too late .pls could you add me to the grp?I can join in on the skype .Thx