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  1. Hi I would be grateful if folk could tell me what they studied from for paper b. I am thinking spmm and the doctors guide to critical appraisal? any advice would be welcome vik
  2. EMI about conditioning i.e. Unconditioned stimulus and response to do with nurse and chemotherapy
  3. Endosome function is sorting of proteins Deaf child I think development affected when they have parents that can hear
  4. something about vision in babies?pupillary reflex present increase QTc?anorexia the sick role?taking a week off work
  5. CATIE- ?41-50% metabolic syndrome corpus callosum ?ant cerebral art. working memory?prefrontal cortex agranulocytosis?1%
  6. EMI- narcolepsy ?during rem sleep and something else night terrors- ?cannot remember and beginning of sleep
  7. Test for narcolepsy- I think it was multiple sleep latency test Was xsome 1 and 14 associated with Alzeimhers?
  8. Any thoughts about the ecg and inheritance in the family tree
  9. Does anybody remeber the answer the question about problems encountered with a child of the same sex parents?
  10. is P50 supression seen in hippocampus?
  11. Anyone want to be my study partner for paper A in June 2017.