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  1. Hi , I'm very interested to join you for CASC preparation , please let me know how I can add my-self to your group. Thans
  2. Thank you very much Like this
  3. Hi there I'm preparing for January casc , can you please add me too, will txt you my number and Skype ID Thanks
  4. can you add me too to your group my number 00353870548157 my skype ; fabdoun
  5. The same here , passed B now and planning to sit for CASC in Sept 2018 do you have an study group, would like to join you if so
  6. I was told that mrcpsychmentor online course is good too
  7. is any one knows about which critical appraisal course is the best to attend in UK??
  8. Hi All those who sat for the last paper B in April 2017 , there were some changes in the Questions style in critical appraisal part , the precis were very short, instead of half to full page there were only around 5 to 6 lines precis ,and most of the questions were straight forward , My question is , is this will be the new trend in the coming exams if anyone knows ? Also if anyone knows about reducing the portion of questions of the critical appraisal from 30% to 20% as I heard from some doctors , btw I tried to find any info regard the same in the college website , but couldn't find anything . thanks
  9. Address is Royal College of Physicians of Ireland No.6 Kildare Street , Dublin
  10. Very sad news, R.I.P
  11. SSRI
  12. The pass list for paper B will be published on Thursday 5 May 2016 by 10 am , that's according the email from the RCPsych , feeling anxiuos
  13. Thanks for simplified explanation
  14. Thank you all, very helpful info