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  1. I think this is mostly a UK board, and it sounds like you are not now in, or planning to work in, the UK. Might have better luck asking in a forum geared towards where you are or where you are planning to work. Good luck, LP
  2. I know it's difficult but you have to put it behind you and keep trying. Once you pass it will all be behind you just have to keep trying until luck, knowledge and communication all come together and you get the pass. Luck plays a huge part, particularly for overseas candidates, but it's not everything, focus on the parts you can change, the knowledge and communication, don't just fall into trap of thinking it's all luck and bias, they play a part, but you can't change that, you can change the other parts and keep improving and practising. Don't give up.
  3. Mr

    I think you will get more attention for this topic in the MRCPsych exams section. Personally I would say the most important part is to have a solid and sensible plan. Pick the right course and materials, focus, and remember no matter how it feels, it is a set of definitely passable exams. I got my MRCPsych, cleared some parts first time and some second time, am a foreign graduate, and used exclusively SPMM materials myself although they got progressively more greedy as I went through my exams. Time is not an issue depending on how quickly you read, but making a good plan and sticking to it is harder than it sounds. Don't mix and match courses, don't unnecessarily overcomplicate by adding textbooks unless to clear doubts, and just learn some material inside out until you would know the answers in your sleep.
  4. I'm curious, you think there's parity in salaries between UK and India? I very much doubt it for the average practitioner.
  5. I would say CAMHS or LD. There are a lot of other factors in choosing your career, but purely for work life, I'd go for one of those two from what I've seen.
  6. I'm an ST4 in Wales and getting 50%. Next job is less frequent, so 40%. I wouldn't work somewhere with that low banding, think Trusts will push things as far as they can unless doctors look elsewhere. In the end, residential or non residential, you can't relax, can't unwind, can't have a drink, should be paid appropriately.
  7. I agree completely, I forgot to mention about old sets of notes but you are right. I took CASC twice, first time I used SPMM recent course notes, and got a few stations that I did not know how to handle. But other people said they were in previous notes from SPMM. So I got previous version of SPMM and found that they for some reason take out stations in each set of notes, and then add them in later. It's a very sad strategy but SPMM have always been a bit shifty when it comes to providing a fair and helpful course and prep materials. Similar to when they stopped offering high yield notes unless you attend their written paper in person courses. So yes, definitely, as many sets of SPMM notes as possible. I can totally understand why reading textbooks might help deal with anxiety when someone already has the knowledge as afterlife showed often on here. Personally even though I really don't like their business tactics I used SPMM only for every exam, after failing a written paper once by confusing myself and preparing with mrcpsychmentor and spmm. I know some people who passed CASC, even 16/16 stations, with very limited knowledge and I'm sure they have not even read the SPMM notes much less textbooks but I guess that's the luck.
  8. Afterlife is an amazingly helpful person, maybe one of the most helpful on this forum. But on this topic I respectfully disagree. Textbooks complicate CASC preparation and I think are completely unnecessary for CASC. CASC is not a knowledge exam, the key is knowing how to pass the exam. Pick a good course, commit to it, and make sure you know the material inside out. Most of the people I know who fail repeatedly overcomplicate the exams by over preparing, reading multiple course sets or textbooks, then confuse themselves and fail. Whereas some people pick a single course, focus on it, prepare for weeks instead of months, and get through. Of course, luck is an important part, but overall I would say textbooks are great for improving knowledge and clinical performance, but for the exams, stick to the material from a single good course.
  9. Did you opt out of having results displayed on the website? Yes ,low long to wait? At least till Tuesday I would say before drawing conclusions. Better to have your name on the online list always.
  10. Did you opt out of having results displayed on the website?
  11. I think you have chosen a difficult and unusual career path. Staff grade directly without SHO at all in this country? And in London? Think you will find the staff grade workload much easier in other places, particularly places like Wales. Would say for registrar position and for clear career goals, why not join core training and progress the regular way? Give you a chance to focus on and clear your exams as well. Private hospitals in the UK for psychiatry would be best served by those with a CCT or those doing it part time, otherwise you might really end up in a high pressure situation without much scope for career progression. I'd definitely move, and possibly consider starting at the bottom with clear goals.
  12. I think overall to be a complete psychiatrist the knowledge gained from my exams is and will continue to be very useful through my career. Keep in mind consultants in Old Age, for example, will still have to deal with out of hours issues from all specialities, so a broad knowledge base is always useful. The exams are definitely doable, and worth it.
  13. No idea, but the pass mark for all exams, CASC included, is definitely rising drastically. Very surprising, but good for candidates.
  14. Cheers, will try getting in touch in a week or so as you mentioned she's off at the moment. Thanks again
  15. Wow thanks appreciate that, realise you may not check back to read this, but thank you.