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  1. Has anyone had any experience with doing IDT's? I've looked at the eligibility criteria and was hoping to change based on criterion 4: Criterion 4 - The trainee has had a significant change in personal circumstances due to a committed relationship that could not have been foreseen following the commencement of their current programme, resulting in the need to move location. The reason I was looking to change is that I live in Birmingham and work in Leicester. My wife is now working in Wolverhampton. So possibly move closer to Wolverhampton as part of the plan. Any thoughts?
  2. Talk about pals? Friends or Patient Advice Liaison Services!?
  3. Ah! Thanks for the reply, I thought I was talking to myself for a while! That's really useful input. I guess the part I'm most unprepared for is the CASC-like station - this time around, the question seems the same as for August intake; angry parent who's son has had a first episode of psychosis. Just wondering if you can recall what kind of topics were covered and what his concerns were. I know it's a test of comm skills, so don't really expect any clinical content to arise but wondering what the specifics of this station were. Cheers! AK47/AK84
  4. Anyone with any handy advice for the upcoming interviews? Especially with the clinical scenario. My understanding is that it is not testing clinical knowledge, but more on how to deal with a difficult patient. Any help would be welcome!
  5. Hi, does anyone have any information of what training is like within forensic psych as an ST4 in the london deanery and manchester deanery? I'm thinking of applying to possibly these areas
  6. Thanks for that. Can you give a bit more info on the LD and antidepressant; what was the task for that one? Also for the elderly lady refusing home care? Capacity assessment? Nurse off sick? Did you come to a diagnosis? Some tricky ones today
  7. Great info there, thanks. Was the IPT station assessing suitability for it? Also - what was the UDS station??
  8. Thanks - could you or someone explain the suspicious man at work?? And 2 stations on psychosis??!
  9. Can someone give details of the Conversion disorder station? Was it blindness and to do a Fundoscopy examination as well? The delusions of guilt, was it the old woman gathering stuff to start a fire in her garden? Also Mania MSE station? Thanks
  10. Wondering if anyone could give input as to the link to this station? ie with the consultant
  11. This is regarding the LD patient - when speaking to the mother. I'm just querying whether this is the most important thing to say - since sterilsation is not actually irreversible!? But i am willing to be corrected on this??????
  12. It's unlikely the mathematics of 0.5%=1 question is valid here, because it wouldn't explain the pass mark or my mate passing by 0.72. Obviously they do other calculations...but that's besides the point. Like i said, if it was me...by any means necessary I would do something to turn this result around...failing by such a small margin doesn't mean your incompetent to proceed to CASC...but that's the nature of the beast - it's up to you good luck
  13. if this is you're last chance before you have to start it again, then me personally i would definitely get it remarked. Granted the chances are slim but it's worth looking into. Perhaps even a complaints procedure because clearly failing by such a small margin does not equate to a single mark. A friend passed by 0.72% swings in roundabouts i guess. You're gonna have to pay in excess of £1200 to do all the exams again, so paying £300 or whatever it is for a re-mark is neither here nor there...
  14. REM sleep Behavioural disorders are associated with acting out dreams and violent behaviour in sleep (you essentially lose the atonia associated with REM sleep) Associated with Parkinsons dementia or brainstem injury (which would go against transient) To treat it (symptomatically), you use Clonazepam Therefore, based on the options available it must A 30% does seem high though Any ideas?
  15. The following medications are not recommended (by NICE) for rapid tranquillisation:- Intramuscular diazepam Intramuscular or oral chlorpromazine Thioridazine Intramuscular depot antipsychotics Olanzapine or risperidone should not be used for the management of disturbed/violent behaviour in service users with dementia It really depends what you're trying to achieve. If this as from the last paper, may be the patient was also in A+E, in which case you wouldn't normally give rapid tranq in that setting. Difficult question, bcos there isn't much evidence out there at all. In reality, probably would give Benzo's and assess....but can't be certain that's what the college want... In the question, where i've taken the NICE guidelines, they had options for oral lorazepam and olanzapine (but the question was looking for what NOT to do)