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  1. Anybody here studied for LLM in Mental Health Law done in Northumbria University?
  2. How long does it take you to finish 1 year of training if you are working 60% wte?
  3. Does anybody have the question that was published last round for the Communication/ clinical skills station for Old Age?
  4. Anybody got updates regarding the upgrades in GA?
  5. I have applied for GA first choice in South Wales, but I got unfortunately North Wales which would not be possible as I have got little ones. I am currently holding the offer wishing to have an upgarde... But what would happen if no upgrades happen till 2nd May? If I decline the post, I wouldn't be offered any more jobs in the current round, but if I accept hoping for possible upgrades, I might not be upgraded and I might then have to go to North Wales away from my children Any advice regarding similar situations?? Would anybody be interested to swap SW with NW?
  6. @border collie Thanks very much for your encouragement I did get an offer but it was my third and final preference. I do hope I get upgraded to a closer place as I have got 2 under 5 children, otherwise I will have to decline the post unfortunately Anyways, let's hope for the best
  7. Does anyone know how I can choose "HOLD WITH UPGRADES"? I can only see 3 options on oriel: Accept offer, Hold offer and Decline offer
  8. Do you know of anyone who had a similar rank (above 100) and got a post? I am very disappointed, I don't think I'll get any offers with that rank
  9. I got interview complete, but unfortunately no job offer at this stage, awaiting further recycling of the jobs... My rank is 119... What does that mean? 119 out of how many applicants?... People who got offers, what was your rank? Just wanted to have an idea
  10. I received an email from oriel today regarding my ST4 application saying that I will receive shortly an email with the status change to either interview complete or interview unsuccessful, however this didnot happen till now!... Has anybody received an email with the new status update?
  11. Looking for a degree in mental health act that would be through distance learning, any advice?
  12. Hi all. People who have got GA posts, what was your interview total score? And which was the lowest station you scored?
  13. General adult.
  14. Just received the result. Unfortunately unsuccessful.
  15. I hope they don't delay it... I know someone in surgery and was expecting it today too, but got a message from oriel that it was delayed.