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  1. happy birthday

  2. Hi drdspg I agree its hard to look forward to starting the training post, I also am experiencing the anxieties about pay protection. what i would say is that its so bloody difficult to get back into training having left, that I have grabbed the opportunity with both hands, as advised by an eminent consultant! The sooner you hand in your notice, the sooner you leave, in theory, thats why I handed mine in. As for pay protection, I have an email from the BMA confirming I am eligible for pay protection, so i plan to use that if there is an issue, as long you have this on side, true it may cause a glitch, but hopefully justice will eventually prevail. good luck I have been a Staff Grade/Speciality Doctor since Oct 2007. Would I be eligible for basic pay protection? Does it mean that my basic salary would remain the same as it is now, which I reckon is more than the basic salary for trainees, and I would be paid banding on-top of that?? Should I join the BMA, just in case, i wonder???
  3. Everyone who has received offers, are you handing-in your notices to current employers or waiting for info such as start dates etc? I'm keen to start asap but have to give a three month notice which means that the earliest I will be able to start is Sept!
  4. hey...just got an offer 30mins ago in the message section of application portal. chuffed but still in a state of shock as had lost hope.. best of luck for everyone who is still waiting.. Congrats what did you get? Forensic
  5. It is soooo easy to give up...but honestly, this has been a drama...they've made us wait till today even though decisions would have been made on the interview day itself...
  6. hey...just got an offer 30mins ago in the message section of application portal. chuffed but still in a state of shock as had lost hope.. best of luck for everyone who is still waiting..
  7. This is sooo bloody frustrating. Is the drama over then?? If I've not heard anything yet, should I expect anything next week??
  8. Anyone heard from West Midlands re Forensic ST4 ??
  9. best of luck to all who have received interview offers. what was your application status before you got the offers?? mine is still at eligible and doesn't look like the deanery has even viewed the application!!
  10. i'm in service post and passed...third attempt though... no happiness or anything....just relief...feels like a burden off my shoulders...30.99 pass rate is ridiculous.. congrats to those who passed...for others - i was thinking of not attempting the exam out of frustration but did it in the end. So keep trying!
  11. 6. Elicit alcohol dependency and extent of problem. 7. Explain and assess suitability for interpersonal therapy. 8. Can't remember.
  12. Single stations: 1. Explain amitriptyline augmentation by lithium. Rational. Practicality. Side effects. Concerns and expectations. 2. Old lady. Psychotic about neighbours. Elicit delusions and hallucinations. 3. Explain anorexia nervosa to mother of patient. Signs and symptoms. Management. 4. OCD. Assess if has obsessions and compulsive behavior. 5. CT scan showing metastasis in old lady who is confused and wandering. Speak to daughter.
  13. 3. GP referred for anxiety. Same clerical job with nothing changed. Explore concerns. Linked: Speak to wife. Discuss management. Turned out to be morbid jealousy. 4. Speak to AOT nurse. Patient with treatment resistant schizophrenia. Linked: speak to father who is angry about the management.
  14. linked stations today 21st: 1. Man discharged after MI. Satisfies criteria for major depressive disorder. Take brief history and focus on attitudes to treatment. Don't do risk assessment. Linked: discuss management with consultant. 2. History from wife. Man stripped naked and jumped in river. Linked: assess cognitive function focussing on frontal lobe.
  15. Good luck to all..