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  1. My . Mobile number is 00966501840648 And my Skype I'd is abduljaleeltj20 Thanks
  2. Hi..... i am also appearing this January I can also join I am in Saudi arabia
  3. R u  ready to practice. ..we can start by this Thursday. ...?

    1. rawalian00


      Hi Abduljaleel,


      Sorry; I was on nights and had no clue what was happening in the world... Have you found someone to practice with ?





  4. I want to do Skype practice....for casc in Hong Kong in October 2017....if any wants can join ....for practice Skype. .
  5. I want to join
  6. Hi..how u did exam....I am planing to appear God willing in Sept 2016

  7. Hi,I am thinking of appearing for casc in September 2016......preferably any body in gulf or any body from any where can join with time adjustments
  8. BISMILLAH. .assalam alaykum. ..I am preparing for sept 2016....r u appearing now....all the best....wassalaam 

  9. I have registered for Oxford casc course  on 19 and 20 of Dec 2015 in abu dubai.....how is it ...are you also planing for it.....

    1. rinku


      Hi abduljaleel , I am not attending this course as I already passed Casc last year . 

      I have attended the 3 day course in August 2014 prior to sep Casc last year and I found it v useful . 

      I didn't even know they r holding this course in dec in Abu Dhabi .


      anyesys all the best for the exam 

  10. Can anybody tell me how is spmm casc course on line reading material with 17 modules covering all areas of psychiatry....and how about Oxford comprehensive casc course....
  11. HI, please enter me also....thanks I am late please if I can enter....thanks
  12. BISMILLAH. ...assalam alaykum. ...kamran saheb...I passed all the three written parts of mrcpsych...planing to appear casc in September 2016 insha ALLAH. ...ALLAH help in all your future life and make you successfully here and in here After....kindly guide me how to prepare...I have bought spmm written notes for casc and reading all the notes around 5oo pages.....also planing to buy spmm on line casc videos. ...some say joining the course in England is a must.....kindly guide me...I am in Saudi Arabia. ...May ALLAH bless you with All success here and in Aqhera...thanks
  13. I also want to join the group...if possible..thanks
  14. askm......if God willing..I too want to appear in Jan 2016 ....I am in Saudi Arabia. ...same problem as you....we have to enquire...can any body give information regarding this...
  15. I am planing to appear in Jan. ...can any body tell me which course is better....Oxford or spmm....