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  1. I think you answered your own question ..see highlighted
  2. Not sure i understand your Q. you got the highest score for that day which means you were shortlisted which means you must have done something right in your application form do you mind making your question more clearer?
  3. Hello Kreely, I dont know about job applications but for things like visa application, hsmp and others, once posted with proof is accepted e.g assuming Moayed can proof his application was posted on or before 3rd April.....it is deemed submitted
  4. am sure its called obtaining by false pretension if you got bike thru this scheme when you have no intention of cycling to work >
  5. Pls, Which one will you go for? and why? Thanks Daisee
  6. Hi Folks, Pls I would like people's opinions or experiences on which of these two is better value for money? and also which one you will go for and why pls? Thnks in advance
  7. Thought you were offered a locum consultant post recently?
  8. Did you mean £670.00?
  9. Did you mean £670.00?
  10. Not sure I agree, Hope1. read this http://uk.news.yahoo.com/18/20090228/ten-slumdog-surge-in-indian-child-sponso-a56114e.html 'Slumdog' surge in Indian child sponsorship Anti-poverty charity ActionAid said Friday there had been a surge in Indian child sponsorship enquiries in Britain since Oscar triumph of 'Slumdog Millionaire'. The charity said it was having to rush the contact details of scores of Indian children to its offices in Britain. It normally fields around 500 enquiries a week for child sponsorship, but the number of enquiries has soared to 1,400 on the back of 'Slumdog Millionaire''s accolades. 'We're calling it the 'Slumdog' effect,' said fundraising director Richard Turner. 'We haven't seen such a high level of interest in one country for a long time.' 'Slumdog Millionaire', a rags-to-riches tale of children from the slums of Mumbai, won eight Oscars on Sunday, including the best picture academy award. 'Child sponsorship has transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of children and is one of the most rewarding ways of giving,' said Turner. 'Sponsors' money helps towards securing a decent education, better health care and economic security for children and the communities in which they live.'
  11. 8 wins out of ten nominations...what an achievement!!!!!!
  12. I like it too!! :) It costs £377 a year. [highlight]actually £402[/highlight] Hi W455IP3 Did the college charge you £402 for your memebrship subscription this year? I paid £377 by direct debit. you may need to find out why yours was higher....or are you a fellow of the RCPsych ;)
  13. I disagree wet-rain..the 2007 act amendment has taken that out of the code of practice. I was told that in july 2008 when I did my s12 induction couse, again repeated by the trainer in the AC conversion course i attended in nov 2008 and more recently in my current post..i have done three separate MHA with doctors who are in same hospital with me one of these assessments was even with a consultant I share a community sector with (i.e two CMHT in one sector). Just as an add-on..now the AMHPs in my area have commented about that too. So I siggest you read your amedment act again. Have you been to the AC conversion course anyway? because if you have been, they would have told you anyway
  14. Can be from same hospital, the only clause is that the two doctors shouldnt be from SAME TEAM e.g you and your cosultant doing a MHA on same patient
  15. [/highlight] Atleast you would have made an informed decision which some people couldnt in their own time. Make the best of it and have some fun